Coverage and plans

No matter the size of your business, we offer a complete range of group insurance products to meet your needs. We even offer the possibility of coverage for your employees working outside of the country.

When it comes to developing a plan, we prefer using a personalized approach. That’s why we work to build a partnership with you and your advisors so that together, we can choose the plan and coverage that is right for you. Here is an overview of our coverage possibilities. 

An advisor can help you to determine your group insurance needs.

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Symbiosis program:
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Our coverage

Medical and Paramedical Care

This coverage allows reimbursements for: 

  • Prescription drugs
  • Hospitalization fees
  • Ambulance fees
  • Medical care
  • Paramedical care (chiropractor, massage therapist, psychologist, osteopath, etc.)
  • Emergency expenses outside the province of residence

Homecare Insurance

This complementary coverage reimburses homecare expenses for individuals recovering from a hospital stay or a day surgery.

Vision and Dental Care

Dental care coverage provides partial reimbursement of dental fees incurred by the member or the member's family for preventative care, basic care, major care and orthodontic care.

Vision care coverage provides reimbursement of eye examinations as well as a portion of the cost of glasses or contact lenses for the member and the member's family.

Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Member’s Life Insurance

Member’s life insurance guarantees, in case of the member’s death, that the sum insured will be paid to the designated beneficiaries. It is offered in a choice of fixed amounts or annual salary multiples.

Dependent’s Life Insurance

Dependents’ life insurance provides coverage against the death of the member's spouse and dependent children. Upon the death of a dependent, the member will receive the sum insured under the contract.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

In case of accidental death, the insured life insurance sum doubles. If the member suffers the accidental loss of one or more limbs, the maximum benefit is equal to a percentage of the life insurance coverage.

Express Life Claims Process

We understand that the loss of a loved one can be a very difficult and overwhelming time. That’s why we offer this service that accelerates the claims process when the insured amount is $75,000 or less.

Short- and Long-term Disability Insurance

Short-Term Disability Insurance (generally 17, 26 or 52 weeks)

This coverage guarantees a regular income to a member in case of an accident or illness resulting in a prolonged absence from work.

Long-Term Disability Insurance 

In the event that the disability extends past the coverage duration of short-term disability insurance, this coverage guarantees a regular income to the disabled plan member until the age of 65.

Disability Management Program

This program completes the short and long-term disability insurance. This program involves the participation of the employer and health care professionals to promote the employee’s sound recovery and return to work.  

Travel Insurance

This coverage accounts for hospital, medical and surgical expenses outside the province of residence. Travel worry-free, thanks to the services included in this coverage:

  • Emergency telephone assistance
  • Repatriation of the insured and members of the immediate family
  • Telephone translation service
  • Legal assistance
  • Travel information
  • Assistance in case of lost baggage or documents

Connection ™ Trip Cancellation Insurance

With this optional coverage, the member can obtain a reimbursement following the cancellation or interruption of a trip due to unforeseen circumstances.

ExtensiA Optional Insurance

You can enhance your employee group insurance plan with individual ExtensiA products, such as term life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance and critical illness insurance.

* ExtensiA is not offered in Quebec.


To convert your group insurance coverage to an individual insurance plan.

Termination of employment can occur anytime for different reasons: career change, relocation, return to school, retirement, etc. But your insurance needs will always be there.

To support you during your transition, iA offers you Transit, so you can replace your group insurance coverage within 60 days of termination with an individual insurance plan, without any medical examination.

Transit will provide coverage for you and your dependents, letting you starting a new chapter in life with peace of mind.

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Our Plans

For small businesses

A plan designed to meet the needs of today’s growing small businesses.

Number of employees: 10 to 49

InCommand® Insurance plan

A complete turnkey solution to meet the diverse needs of your employees.

  • For Canadian companies with 10 to 49 employees in business for more than a year
  • Mandatory enrolment of employees eligible for the plan
  • Selection of pre-packaged benefits
  • Customizable plan features and add-ons
  • Cost Plus agreement included
  • Simple, paperless plan implementation
  • Health and wellness services and tools included in the plan
  • Optimal disability management
  • Proactive cost control
  • Intuitive digital environment and online self-serve tools
  • Exceptional service with a human touch
  • Competitive rates and flexible renewals

For medium- and large-sized companies

Several types of plans to meet the needs of medium- and large-sized companies.

Number of employees: 50+

Traditional plan

A plan in which all employees have the same coverage.

Modular plan

A personalized plan in which employees can choose among different coverage modules with regard to their exact needs.

Flexible plan

Even more customized than the modular plan, it gives employees the opportunity to design their own plan based on a predetermined amount agreed upon with their employer.

Administrative Services Only plan (ASO)

A plan for companies that wish to only outsource claims management to an insurer, while assuming the cost of employees’ health claims themselves.

Cost Plus Agreement

This option makes it possible to offer certain employees the reimbursement of medical expenses that are not eligible under the basic contract, without having to extend the benefit to all employees. Consequently, you pay for only the target group of plan members only. This agreement is also available, upon request, to large companies.