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Innovative digital solutions

Our innovative, high-performance digital solutions enable effective group plan management. We use simple, user-friendly, leading-edge technology to redefine the client experience and grow closer to each client.

  • iA Mobile: our app makes life easier for plan members
  • iA Virtual Assistant: It can calculate how investors must contribute to their RRSP, and locate healthcare providers. It will soon be able to provide plan members with their balance and return, and provide the status of their most recent claim. And this is just the start! It is constantly learning!
  • My Client Space: our secure website lets plan members manage their group insurance and retirement savings plans 24/7


Flexibility and proactivity are key to our approach, which is reflected directly in our ability to offer products and services tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Helping plan members learn more about their health and financial well-being is also one of our priorities.

  • CoPilot – Your financial solution from working life to retirementTM, our new plan member support program, including the My Retirement website
  • Well-BalancedTM, our health and wellness offer
  • Roadmap – Your future starts todayTM, our communication program to promote plan member commitment and financial education


A highly experienced and attentive advisor team is dedicated to your plan and constantly keeps up-to-date with best practices. With our experience managing group plans, you are guaranteed excellent management regardless of the size of your group. Our goal is to minimize your administrative burden.

  • Save time by optimizing certain management tasks with xConnect, our automated data exchange solution
  • PharmAssistTM, our simple and flexible drug management program
  • Optimized governance reports and tools

Enrolment is easy to use

The ease of enrolment and the member website have definitively helped us with our group retirement benefits. Our HR team have yet to receive questions from employees about enrolment or how to go through the site because it is so easy to use.

Director, Human Resources
Nationwide company

The sponsor site is a fantastic tool

Our administration team refers to it regularly for information or reports. It is very user-friendly and over the past few years, iA Financial Group has continued to improve it and add new features on a regular basis.

Siobhain Sturno
Human Resources Manager
Wakefield Canada inc.

The team is responsive and effective

iA Financial Group’s biggest strength is clearly the support from our customer relations manager. We always get quick responses and assistance when needed. We deal with several service providers and iA Financial Group’s team is one of the most responsive and effective.

Siobhain Sturno
Human Resources Manager
Wakefield Canada inc.

iA Financial Group is a great partner

The team supporting us is very responsive, customer-service-oriented and helpful. We value the acknowledgement and care that is taken to provide us with the requested information. iA Financial Group definitely stands out from other providers we deal with.

Director, Human Resources
Nationwide company

iA Financial Group really helped us

For most people, financial planning can be boring and intimidating. iA Financial Group has helped us to keep our employees informed and engaged with our programs by creating communication campaigns to further educate our employees on the benefits and options of our plans.

Siobhain Sturno
Human Resources Manager
Wakefield Canada inc.


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