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For our client-driven approach

At iA Financial Group, we maintain close relationships with each of our clients and offer personalized services. Our flexibility and adaptability are integral to our corporate culture and allow us to innovate so that we can respond quickly to new changes and needs. Helping your employees learn more about their financial health and well-being is one of our highest priorities.

Learn more about some of our products and services that demonstrate our client-driven approach:

  • CoPilot – Your financial solution from working life to retirementTM, our new plan member support program, including the My Retirement website
  • Well-BalancedTM, our new health and wellness offering
  • Roadmap – Your future starts todayTM, our communication program to promote pension plans and maximize employee participation

For our support

At iA Financial Group, a highly experienced and attentive team is dedicated to your plan and constantly keeps up-to-date with best practices. We work in close cooperation with you to offer flexible services that are adapted to your situation. With our experience managing group plans, you are guaranteed excellent management regardless of the size of your group. Our goal is to minimize your administrative load. We take over many of the operational tasks, so that you can fully dedicate yourself to your company.

Learn more about some of our products and services that simplify your day-to-day life:

  • PharmAssistTM, our simple and flexible drug management program
  • Optimized governance reports and tools

For our creativity

At iA Financial Group, we invest in smart, innovative, high-performance solutions to manage group plans effectively. We are redefining the client experience using leading-edge technology that is simple and user-friendly. iA Financial Group is always at our clients’ fingertips. We are constantly working toward becoming the industry leader in digital experience.


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