Well-Balanced, wellness within your reach

Our Well-Balanced package is a well-thought-out menu from which you can build an effective custom health and wellness program for your organization.

The heart of our offer is unmatched value
We have identified essential services and tools that are included with all our plans.* You will receive some market exclusives that will quickly become the health and wellness standard for you and your plan members. The purpose of these services is to identify your organization’s needs and risks to ensure focused interventions and better handling of members’ health issues.

À la carte services for a tailored program
A range of services, hand-picked by our team of experts, has been added to our core offer to enable you to enhance your health and wellness programs based on your priorities. Features include tips and tools, a consultation service, personalized assistance and an intervention service.

Seamless integration to make your life easier
What’s more, you and your employees will have access to all selected services directly in My Client Space (our secure website). In short, services and information are efficiently centralized to make your life easier.

An advisor can help you identify your group insurance needs

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Included with all plans*

This portal developed by our partner Novus Health, which can be accessed at any time and offers the most complete health related content in Canada, will become the place to go online for health information. It is the ideal place for plan members to:

  • Efficiently locate reliable health information rather than relying on the millions of results from the usual online search engines
  • Discover the resources, programs and healthcare professionals in their area
  • Better understand their provincial healthcare system and their private insurance plan

We have also added a professional and personalized telephone assistance service, which gives plan members access to information and health navigation specialists. These specialists can help plan members find health information adapted to their needs and evaluate their options for handling their health problem, direct them to available resources in their area or their employer’s health and wellness program, and even help guide them through the intricacies of the healthcare system to reduce wait time and be better prepared for appointments with healthcare professionals.

This service helps plan members better manage health problems, leading to better cost management.

Dynamic, confidential and user-friendly, this assessment questionnaire enables plan members to identify their level of risk in eight areas that reflect the main health concerns: personal health, physical fitness, nutrition, alcohol and tobacco usage, sleep, stress management, work environment and lifestyle.

It focuses on changeable behaviours and promotes plan member awareness and action with respect to their health and lifestyle. Plan members who complete the questionnaire receive personalized results detailing the risk factors, areas of improvement and available resources and services. They can see previous results and monitor their progress, which makes this questionnaire a motivating and engaging tool.

Additionally, access to aggregated results allows you to identify the health risks and needs in your organization and select health and wellness program content accordingly. This lets you focus on the most significant risk factors and changeable lifestyles that can cause healthcare costs to rise.

This toolbox, available in My Client Space for plan administrators, is where you’ll find the materials you can use to effectively promote to plan members the services included in the health and wellness offer.

À la carte

This program focuses on prevention and overall health. It is designed to engage employees and encourage behaviours that promote healthy habits through personalized resources and wellness/fitness challenges.

Service that allows the entire family to communicate with healthcare professionals anywhere in Canada, online or on a mobile device, at any time. Includes a wide variety of services (live chat with nurses, prescription renewals, blood test requests, etc.), allowing up to 70% of minor medical problems that would normally require a clinic visit to be treated virtually and saving patients many hours of waiting time.

Medical second opinion is consultation service plan members can use to obtain a second medical opinion in Canada. It allows plan members who have been diagnosed with a condition or critical illness to quickly get a second medical opinion from specialists affiliated with renowned canadian medical teaching institutions.

Medical second opinion specialists will help members navigate the healthcare system for any serious health condition.

They will provide assistance with finding local specialists, explain the treatment options available in the canadian healthcare system and provide information on the benefits and risks associated with different treatment options. Members will thus be able to make more informed decisions.

Stay Healthy at WorkTM reaches at-risk plan members early, encouraging them to take charge of their health problems to improve their quality of life and reduce the risk of missing work. Stay Healthy at WorkTM is a proactive and profitable disability prevention solution that targets the main causes of lower productivity and absenteeism (stress, depression, anxiety, diabetes, back and cervical pain, muscular and joint problems, high cholesterol and hypertension). This confidential program offers online tools and personalized assistance online or over the phone.

  • Online or telephone health assessment and management of the health problem
  • Identification of at-risk individuals and proactive triggering of personalized support
  • Information on treatment options and available support programs
  • Action plan to encourage individuals to take responsibility for and take charge of their health problem
  • Personalized coaching in the form of regular follow-ups to measure progress.

Stay Healthy at WorkTM is also designed to increase awareness and participation in the health and wellness program put in place by the employer.

Plan administrators can easily monitor support intervention success and the rate of resource usage from their dashboards.

Developed by recognized mental health experts, the internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT) service offers employees support for mental health issues such as mild to moderate depression and anxiety.

This confidential 24/7 service offers interactive self-care tools and meditation and mindfulness exercises designed to improve mental wellbeing.

The employee assistance program is a confidential service that provides professional support to employees and their dependents who are experiencing work-related, financial or personal problems. The objective is to quickly provide the resources needed to resolve problems that have an impact on employee health, performance and attendance.

The employee assistance program helps your employees regain balance and helps your organization regain a healthy team.

This leading mental health program provides support to plan members as their needs change in recovery. The internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT) program includes access to self-care toolkits and guided therapies to help prevent and manage symptoms of depression and anxiety.

* Offered free of charge with all our health insurance plans. Certain conditions apply.