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Group healthcare plans in focus

News Release

While the pandemic has shown the importance and quality of group plans, evolving them in an inflationary environment is challenging. Here is our complete report.

The pandemic has highlighted the value of group insurance plans and the need to improve access to healthcare services, particularly in the area of mental health. All the while, needs are evolving, and concerns for the sustainability of plans are growing.

These are just a few of the key findings from the 2023 Benefits Canada Healthcare Survey1. iA Financial Group, as a platinum partner of the 26th annual study, would like to give you the opportunity to look back at the key industry trends revealed by the survey: the influence that physical and mental health have on overall wellness, the challenge of evolving plans and the growing importance of wellness in the workplace.

In this three-part series, we present the results of this wide-ranging survey as well as avenues for reflection and action, with each article exploring one of the issues in depth.

1 - Physical and mental health influence overall wellness (October 2023)

It's clear that physical and mental health are interconnected and influence overall wellness. An integrated total wellness strategy must therefore consider these two aspects in a complementary way. With stress on the rise in organizations, and one in two people saying they are affected by at least one chronic health condition, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that poor physical health can cause or worsen mental health problems, and vice versa.

2 - The ups and downs of group insurance plans (November 2023)

The pandemic highlighted the importance of healthcare coverage for plan members. More effective cost management, better communication and addressing new priorities such as mental health and virtual care are key to the future of health plans.

3 - Wellness, a pillar of satisfaction (December 2023)

Promoting health and wellness is key, and a group healthcare plan that meets personal needs is the cornerstone of employee satisfaction. Fostering wellness in the workplace relies on a documented strategy, support from senior management, dedicated staff and constant evaluation of the measures put in place.

A communiqué will be sent to group insurance plan administrators on January 22.
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1The online plan member survey was fielded by Ipsos on behalf of Contex Group between March 28 and April 4, 2023. In total, a national sample of 1,004 primary holders of group health benefit plans completed the study. For more information, visit the Benefits Canada website.