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Group insurance eligibility for dependent children

News Release

Until what age and according to which eligibility criteria are dependent children eligible for group insurance? This question is worth clarifying since many plan members do not know the general principles that govern group insurance eligibility for older dependent children.

Even though each contract is different1, knowing these general principles can be quite important.

To demystify it all, here is a summary of them:

Eligibility Until 20 years of age Between 21 and 26 years of age
Eligibility criteria
  • Be covered by the public health insurance plan in their province of residence
  • Meet the definition of full time Canadian resident
  • Meet the definition of dependent child under the group insurance contract
  • Be under 26 years of age and registered full-time at a recognized educational institution
  • Have a mental or physical disability and be unable to earn a living because of said disability, provided it was declared when the insured was a child, subject to eligibility criteria.

As a result, group insurance plan members are required to contact their plan administrator every year to confirm the full-time student status of their dependent children between 21 and 26 years of age2 (Confirmation of student status form) to maintain coverage.

A communication about the full-time student status of dependent children intended for plan members has been prepared. We invite you to share it with them.

Read the French version of this communication.

Since the eligibility criteria may vary in some contracts, note that plan members are invited to always consult their group insurance booklet to confirm the eligibility criteria that apply to their dependent children.
2 Certain group insurance contracts stipulate that full-time student status must be confirmed from age 18.