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Ineligibility of a massage therapists association

News Release

As you may know, our continuous analysis and monitoring process for services offered by healthcare providers and associations allows us to ensure that they meet iA Financial Group’s professional conduct and practice standards.

As part of this process, the decision was made that the following association is no longer eligible for reimbursement:

  • Canadian Massage and Acupressure Therapists Association (CMATA)

The fees incurred by using the services of a massage therapist who is a member of this association are no longer eligible. Note that you can continue to see these massage therapists; however, you cannot claim the fees paid.

Will there be a transition period?
Yes. During the transition period, ending May 31, 2022, iA Financial Group will reimburse any fees incurred from using the services of a provider who is a member of the CMATA. However, fees incurred starting June 1, 2022, from members of the CMATA will no longer be approved.

Good to know – Verification of provider eligibility

To avoid unpleasant surprises, use the Provider search tool. This tool is available in My Client Space and iA Mobile. This will help you determine whether a healthcare provider meets our eligibility criteria before using their services.