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Invite your plan members to submit their accumulated insurance claims now

News Release

We always experience a large increase in insurance claims at the end of the year, which causes significant processing delays. By submitting their claims as early as possible, plan members will have their requests processed instantly and, in most cases, they will even receive their reimbursements the next business day.

Submitting claims online in no time

There's no reason to put off this task – making a claim online takes less than a minute.

When plan members submit their claims online using My Client Space or iA Mobile, they benefit from several advantages:

  • Instant access to the status of their claims
  • Faster reimbursements, thanks to direct deposit
  • Easy submission (photos) of receipts requested
  • No paper forms to fill out

We invite you to share this information with your plan members by forwarding this newsletter or distributing this leaflet. It's not too late to avoid year-end "traffic jams"!

If you have any questions, please contact your advisor or your iA Financial Group Account Executive.