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Phase 2 of the pilot project for MedHelper, the mobile app that helps group insurance plan members take their medications correctly

News Release

We all know that good physical and mental health is essential. For people who take medications, adherence to treatment is crucial. Because we’re always striving to make life easier for our group insurance plan members, last summer, we announced a pilot project giving members the opportunity to try out the MedHelper app, to make it easier to keep track of their medication and follow their treatment plans.

We’re very happy to announce that the pilot project is now moving to the next phase. The MedHelper app Premium features, a value of $60 per year, will now be offered for free to certain pre-selected members who take medications on a regular basis and who did not participate in the first phase.

Available on iOS and Android, MedHelper makes it easier to manage prescription drugs and gives plan members peace of mind. Some of its key features include:

  • Daily reminders
  • Tracking of results and renewals
  • Medical appointment management
  • Creation of comprehensive treatment plans, including non-medical activities
  • Information resources offered by national chronic disease associations
  • And more

To learn more about the MedHelper app.

All plan members selected to participate in the pilot will receive a satisfaction survey to help us gauge their interest in adopting healthy medication habits and whether the product is a good fit for them.