Stick to your doctor’s orders without even thinking about it

MedHelper app

It’s proven: drugs don't work in patients who don’t take them.

The MedHelper mobile app offers you perfect compliance with your medication and health treatment plan, at your fingertips.

Very easy to use, it allows you to gather in one place all the information about your health — your medication, your appointments, your physical activity or treatment sessions, etc. — and, most importantly, to set up reminders to ensure you don’t forget.

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A $60 value — free of charge as an iA Financial Group client.

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MedHelper makes it all simpler

Get notifications for your prescription drugs and other key parts of your healthcare routine, like appointments and exercises.

Enjoy flexible scheduling options: daily, weekly, monthly, custom. Set “persistent” alarms to ensure you never miss an important med or activity.

The app syncs across all your mobile devices.

See all your prescription drugs in one place, including pictures to facilitate medication identification, as well as the dosage. Easily add a medication using the integrated medication library. Access medication information leaflets.

Easily check your prescription drug inventory — wherever you are — so you know in advance when it’s time to refill or renew your prescriptions.

Access results charts and verify how well you are following your treatment plan.

Keep track of your “as needed” medications to ensure you are taking them as prescribed.

Plan your non-medical activities, such as dietary supplements, exercise or physiotherapy sessions, and set up reminders. Easily edit events as needed.

Enter your appointment dates in the app’s calendar and set up reminders. Easily edit them as needed.

Share your detailed treatment plan results with your doctor, your pharmacist or other healthcare professionals, directly through the app.

Connect with friends or loved ones, view their daily care plan compliance status, and send them a word of encouragement.

Add notes about your general care plan or specific elements to keep track of any side effects you might experience, and easily consult your notes history.

Set up quick-access links to pharmacy refills and chronic disease associations.

Sign up with one of our pharmacy partners and get your meds delivered to your home.

Set it up in a snap, and get more with iA Financial Group

Set it up


Download the MedHelper app free from the App Store or Google Play.


Launch the app and click on Sign Up.


Create an account by entering an email address and password.


Validate your email address by entering the confirmation code sent by the app.

Get more

  • At the end of the app’s welcome tour, go to the Premium page and click on Enter Program ID.
  • Enter the 4-digit program ID number featured in the email on MedHelper that you have received from iA Financial Group or your employer. This will unlock the Premium version of the app, which gives you access to all the advanced functionalities — a $60 value, free of charge.

Download MedHelper today

Get the peace of mind of knowing for sure that you are optimizing the benefits of your medical and health treatment plan.

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