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Reminder: biosimilars policy in British Columbia

News Release

As you probably know, a biosimilars policy was implemented in British Columbia in 2019. The goal of this policy is to switch PharmaCare patients who are taking originator biologic drugs for certain medical conditions to the biosimilar version. Biosimilar drugs are less expensive but just as safe and effective as originator biologics.

We want to inform you that these initiatives are continuing and that a new drug is now subject to this policy: adalimumab – Humira.

Impact on iA Financial Group plan members in British Columbia
iA Financial Group welcomes BC’s biosimilars initiative as it aligns with our efforts to provide comprehensive drug plans at a sustainable cost for group insurance plan members and plan sponsors across Canada.

Therefore, we are aligning adjudication for targeted biologics as closely as possible with the new BC biosimilars policy.

Personalized communication
The well-being of plan members is at the center of our concerns. Therefore, in the coming weeks, we will contact all affected claimants to offer support and assistance in the transition to the biosimilar drug, in collaboration with their health professionals. Nonetheless, we will explore coverage solutions for whom the switch may not be advisable.

If you have any questions, please contact your advisor or your iA Financial Group Account Executive.