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Biosimilars: launch of an information campaign for plan members

News Release

As announced last spring, Quebec becomes the fourth province to implement a policy to shift towards the use of biosimilars*. This policy aims to switch existing users of a brand-name biologic product to a biosimilar product.

Thus, like British Columbia, Alberta and New Brunswick, Quebec's Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan will, with some exceptions, only cover biosimilar drugs as of April 12, 2022 (when available).

In addition to being less expensive than reference biologics, biosimilar drugs offer additional options to plan members and can therefore facilitate access to certain treatments.

At iA Financial Group, our plan members’ wellbeing is at the heart of our actions in drug management. That's why, in the wake of this announcement and with more biosimilar drugs entering the market, we will be rolling out an information campaign in the coming weeks for plan members who use reference biologic drugs.

As such, targeted and personalized communications will be sent to plan members to inform them about biosimilar drugs and the benefits of switching to them.

We are convinced that this campaign will promote the sustainability of drug plans, demystify the use of biosimilar drugs and, most importantly, help plan members maintain their physical and mental health through continued access to an excellent drug plan.

If you have any questions, please contact your advisor or your iA Financial Group Account Executive.

* A biosimilar drug is a drug that has been authorized for market by Health Canada after the patent of the reference biologic drug (the brand name product) has expired, and has been shown to be similar to a reference biologic drug.