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Roadmap: a new program to help you maximize the effectiveness of your group insurance plan

News Release

There is intense pressure on group insurance plans, particularly because of the significant use of traditional medications, the arrival of expensive new medications, the increase in the number of disability leaves and the increased occurrence of fraud. You are facing major challenges regarding your plan’s financial health and sustainability. That’s why we want to help you educate your plan members about the impact of their choices.

A solution for you
We are happy to announce the launch of our new education program: Roadmap – Choose your course. Enjoy the ride.TM, which was designed to help you to take on these challenges. The primary objective of this program is to educate plan members about the importance of better using their plan and to encourage them to change certain behaviours, using well-formulated education and communication strategies that demonstrate the real impacts of inaction or certain choices.

Roadmap proposes visual concepts and messages whose innovative and non-traditional style stands out in the industry. The program helps plan members better understand their plan and understand the risks associated with certain behaviours. As for you, it will help you promote your plan, a vital benefit for attracting and retaining talent while benefiting from our support to help you use the program in the most optimal way to obtain expected results.

First Roadmap campaign: Digital tools
In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of digital tools have become even more important. That is why the digital tools-themed campaign was prioritized and first made available. The campaign’s tagline, “The old ways make you waste time”, encourages plan members to change their habits and highlights the time they can save by using My Client Space and the iA Mobile app.

To meet the various types of needs, we designed several turnkey communication pieces (poster, brochure, web page, emails, etc.). Discover one of these campaign communication pieces.

A unified plan member experience
The Roadmap program also has campaigns for Group Retirement and Savings clients. The use of the same brand signature for Group Insurance will allow plan members to benefit from both types of solutions at iA Financial Group and have a consistent experience.

Based on the popularity of the Roadmap program, other themed group insurance campaigns could be available next year. To learn more about how Roadmap can help you maximize the efficiency of your plan, contact your iA Financial Group advisor or customer relations manager.