The old ways
make you waste time

Fortunately, our digital tools can save you lots.

You’re already doing enough “pedalling” in your everyday life! Stop wasting your time with the inefficient ways of doing things!

Filling out and mailing paper forms for insurance claims is time-consuming, not very environmentally friendly, and means you have to wait longer for your claim payment. And why wait to talk to a Customer Service agent when you can access the information online right away?

Our secure website My Client Space and our iA Mobile app are easy-to-use tools that replace the old way of doing things with a few simple clicks.

Our online tools and services

Our online tools and services are always available. No need to wait on the phone to get answers to your questions.

Our tools will save you tons of time and are constantly being upgraded to serve you better.

My Client Space

A secure website that gives you access to all the online tools and services for your group insurance plan.

Watch our video to learn more about My Client Space.



Insurance & Financial Communicators Association award winner

iA Mobile

The iA Mobile app gives you secure access to all the main features of My Client Space, wherever you are.

Watch our video about iA Mobile to learn more.



FCS Portfolio Awards award winner

Download iA Mobile

You need to have a My Client Space to use iA Mobile.

Discover all the ways our digital tools can save you time

My Client Space

iA Mobile


  • Faster processing for 100% of claims
  • Faster claim payments thanks to direct deposit
  • No paper forms to fill out

Direct deposit

  • Easy updates to your banking information at any time
  • Faster claim payments

Locate healthcare providers

  • Find a healthcare provider near you, even while travelling
  • Make sure your claim will be accepted by checking whether the provider is eligible

Look up medications with WebRxtm

  • Check whether a medication is covered in advance
  • Get an estimate of your reimbursement
  • Find pharmacies and tips to help you save on your purchases

Group insurance card and travel assistance contact numbers

  • Always available (even without an Internet connection for iA Mobile)

Coverage summary

  • A list of services covered by your plan
  • Easy access to your balance and maximum amount for each service

Proof of travel insurance

  • Available at any time
  • No forms to fill out

Disability claim tracking

  • A clear view of the progression of your file

Health and well-being – health navigation platform

  • Reliable health information
  • Expert phone assistance
  • Health risk self-assessment questionnaire

Tax-deductible expenses

  • A downloadable list of all your healthcare expenses (for you and your dependents) to make your tax returns easier

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