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The customer experience: an everyday priority at iA Financial Group

News Release

iA Financial Group’s Contact Centre Program is a corporate program dedicated to the evolution of its Client Contact Centres (Customer service). The purpose of this program is to standardize the practices across the organization’s Client Contact Centres, on the strength of new and advanced technological tools and the support of a Centre of Expertise in client contact.

Deployment of a new interaction management system
As for technological tools, we are glad to announce that the Genesys Pureconnect interaction management system is scheduled to be deployed within Group Insurance’s Contact Centres in the next few weeks. This system is a cornerstone that will drive the evolution of the Contact centres, as it reshapes the way we interact with our clients and provides greater efficiency in forwarding their calls at the right time to the right people with the right skills.

Main benefits for your members

  • Adequacy between the client’s need and the responding agent’s skills (thanks to appropriate routing)
  • Improved client experience thanks to simplification and optimization of the member journey
  • In the long term, a harmonized member experience regardless of the line of business they are calling

Change in opening hour (Health/Dental)
In the wake of the deployment, the line of business has decided that the Group Insurance’s Health and Dental team phone lines will open at 8 a.m., Eastern time (instead of 7:30 a.m.), starting August 1st.

This change aims at:

  • Maximizing the number of agents available to answer clients in higher-volume periods, thus reducing waiting time
  • Standardizing the opening hour throughout our line of business and reducing confusion
  • Standardizing iA Financial Group’s service offer across all contacts centres nationwide, for all lines of business

New telephone menu
Clients calling the Group Insurance Contact Centres will experience a new standard and simplified phone menu. The first level message — shared by two group lines of business — can be heard since November 21, 2019, when the system was deployed within Group Savings and Retirement.

This deployment is a major step towards the materialization of iA Financial Group’s commitment to providing its employees with efficient working tools and offering its clients a fluid and simplified experience.

Should you have questions, please feel free to contact your advisor or your iA Financial Group Account Executive.