Our selection process

A step-by-step process

Discover our selection process, which you will undergo as a candidate for a position at iA. (optional). You will know what is expected of you at each step and how much time you will need.

Apply for the position you’re interested in on our career page. You will be asked to fill out some personal information as well as some additional information regarding your professional expectations.

As flexibility is at the heart of our initiatives, our team of talent acquisition experts will invite you to schedule a time slot of 30 to 45 minutes, using a self-scheduling tool, to chat via video conference at your convenience. The purpose of this interview is to verify your ambitions and ensure a sustainable career transition to a position that is right for you.

At iA, our interviews are behavioural-based, allowing you to showcase yourself with concrete examples drawn from your experience and achievements. Please note that our interviews are conducted primarily via video conference and that two individuals are present in order to gather different points of view and reduce the risk of bias. Afterwards, a follow-up is done with you, whether or not you are chosen for the position.

Due to the nature of the company’s services and operations, we are required to verify the criminal records of job applicants and, for some positions, credit history, education and professional standing are also verified. Your consent is required for this step.

If your profile is selected for the position, our talent acquisition experts will contact you by phone or video conference to present you with a job offer. Take this opportunity to discuss the things that are important to you, such as salary and benefits, but most importantly, prepare to join one of North America’s top employers.

Have you accepted our job offer? Now it’s time to create your employee file. You will receive an email with instructions on how to complete it. The process is done entirely online, with the support of our teams as needed.

During your first week of employment, you will be invited to a welcome and onboarding session where you will be provided with the key information regarding the company and your team, and where you can ask questions.

This process and these steps may vary slightly from one position to another.

Our tips to help you stand out

The primary goal of our hiring process is to determine whether we share the same values as you. Feel free to show us how you integrate the following values in your day-to-day professional life:

  • • Teamwork
  • • Client and partner experience
  • • Climate of high performance
  • • Continuous improvement and innovation
  • • Adaptability and determination

Ask us your questions!

The interview is the best time to show your interest and ask questions about the position, the team and the organization. Our talent acquisition experts will be happy to provide you with more information.

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