Our selection process

A step-by-step process

Discover our selection process, which you will undergo as a candidate for a position at iA. (optional). You will know what is expected of you at each step and how much time you will need.

Apply for the position you’re interested in on our career page. You will be asked to fill out some personal information as well as some additional information regarding your professional expectations.

Depending on the position, out team of talent acquisition specialists will contact you for a short telephone interview. The purpose of this call is to confirm your ambitions and ensure a sustainable career transition to a position that is right for you.

To offer you a job that best suits your personality and skills, we administer one or more tests to all our candidates. Our psychometric tests help guide the discussion that will take place during the interview and allow us to recruit fairly.

At iA, our interviews are behavioural based, allowing you to showcase yourself with concrete examples from your experiences and achievements. Our interviews can take place in person or via videoconference and a minimum of two people will be present in order to have different points of view and reduce the risk of bias. Thereafter, we will follow up with you, whether you are chosen for a position or not.

Because we are a financial services company, we must validate the legal, credit and educational backgrounds of our employees. Your authorization will be required at this stage.

If your profile corresponds to wat we are looking for, our talent acquisition experts will contact you to make you a job offer. Get ready to be part of one of North America’s top employers. The offer may be made over the phone, by video or in person. Take advantage of this opportunity to discuss aspects that are important to you, like salary, benefits, and insurance.

Have you accepted our job offer? It’s now time to set you up as an employee in our system. You will receive an email containing the procedure to follow to do so. This is done entirely online, with support from our teams as needed.

Once you’re hired, our talent acquisition experts will determine your start date. You will be invited to our onboarding session to provide you with key information about the company, introduce you to your team and answer any questions you may have. That makes a total of two to four weeks that you will have spent talking with us, for a decision that will have an impact for the rest of your life. Thank you for your trust.

This process and these steps may vary slightly from one position to another.

Our tips to help you stand out

The primary goal of our hiring process is to determine whether we share the same values as you. Feel free to show us how you integrate the following values in your day-to-day professional life:

  • • Teamwork
  • • Client and partner experience
  • • Climate of high performance
  • • Continuous improvement and innovation
  • • Adaptability and determination

Ask us your questions!

The interview is the best time to show your interest and ask questions about the position, the team and the organization. Our talent acquisition experts will be happy to provide you with more information.

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