Michel Pelletier’s iA story

A career that began on the inside

Michel worked in Corporate Actuarial Services before joining the marketing team in charge of new product development. “I was very interested in sales and wanted to establish a link between our team’s internal projects with the distribution network.”

Making the jump

When a position opened up in one of our sales offices, we presented Michel with a major challenge: to become a financial advisor in our sales network. “Moving from the security of a salaried employee to being my own boss is a huge change. Also, winning over the existing clientele took a great deal of effort and creativity. Thanks to the support and coaching I received from iA, the transition was that much easier and I was able to progress quickly.” In fact, in his very first year as an advisor in our network, Michel was named Recruit of the Year.

A strategic alliance

For Michel, joining our company was a strategic career choice. “iA is a leader when it comes to individual insurance and its products are extremely interesting. My clients trust iA’s solid reputation, which allows me to quickly establish a relationship with them. 

Michel benefits from the support that we offer and relies on the company’s stability. “Even though I am a self-employed worker, I have an office and support staff services at my disposal, in addition to all the resources that I need at the head office.”

Master of his own success

Since he made the big jump in 2009, Michel is proud of the direction his career has taken and looks to the future with great optimism. “I liked earning a steady salary, but I like operating my own business even more. The profitability of my company is directly linked to the effort I put into it. The key to my success is to offer my clients added value and, for me, it’s to offer them the very best service possible!”

“Backed by the continual support of iA, I was able to launch my own company.”