Mélissa Thibault’s iA story

Support every step of the way

Mélissa was a part-time student pursuing her Bachelor of Law degree when she joined the Legal Services team as a legal assistant in 2008. “I was able to reduce my work hours and increase my course load so that I could complete my degree in the seven years allotted for the program. My manager also allowed me to take a five-month unpaid leave so that I could take the bar admission classes given by the Québec Bar School.”

Mélissa completed her Bar School articling in the Legal Advising and Commercial team before going on to work as a legal counsel. “We regularly consult our other colleagues and we all share our experience and knowledge with each other. There is a real synergy.”

Professional development in a stimulating work environment

There are numerous opportunities for professional development in this department because the legal counsel are responsible for so many projects in different areas. “It’s very stimulating to work in this environment because I have the chance to collaborate on larger, more strategic projects as I gain more and more experience while knowing my managers trust me.” Mélissa’s responsibilities include drafting, analyzing and negotiating commercial contracts related to information technology law, real estate, the distribution of financial products and services, and other areas. Her role is to safeguard the company’s commercial interests and work in close collaboration with key decision-makers. “The clients we work with are in different departments within the company, so we’re able to have a close interaction with the partners who consult us, making the work even more rewarding.”

Where work and education are valued and recognized 

We support our employees who are looking to continue their education by covering their tuition fees and offering them paid time off to study. It is important for us to acknowledge their achievements. That’s why we organize an annual cocktail reception to celebrate those who have reached their goal. “The company recognizes the effort of employees who combine work and studies. The president even congratulates us personally – it makes you feel valued.”

“The clients we work with are in different departments within the company, so we’re able to interact closely with the partners who consult us.”