Cydia Godin’s iA story

Client relationships are key

Cydia has over twenty years of customer service experience to her credit. She joined our team in 2012 and works primarily with representatives from our sales network. “We have the chance to establish good relationships and to work closely with them.”

Keeping clients our first priority

At iA, our clients are our first priority. Our customer service personnel play a key role in maintaining sound client relationships. Their job goes above and beyond simply serving our customers; our customer service agents are the face of our company. “We develop friendly, trusting relationships with our representatives so that they want to continue working with us. It is also our job to empower them to be self-reliant.” Furthermore, they contribute to the continuous improvement of our processes.

Accessibility to training 

We offer our employees the means to achieve their professional ambitions with a variety of training programs designed to maintain high-quality client interactions. “As soon as we voice the need for training, they respond right away, which is great.” 

Client satisfaction: our common goal

Liking your job is one thing, but being part of a team that shares the same desire to do it well makes work a whole lot better. “We have the same goal: client satisfaction. Our department’s team spirit makes me want to get up each morning and come to work. It makes all the difference.”

“When an advisor is happy with my service and thanks me, I get the satisfaction of a job well done.”