Jean-Michel Belzile’s iA story

Since he arrived at iA Financial Group in 2014, Jean-Michel has been surrounded by friendly, professional people in his actuarial team, who have been completely in sync with his ambitions. “When I finished my actuarial studies, I wanted to keep learning from the best. That’s why I didn’t hesitate to choose iA as an employer. Five years later, I have to say that the reality has only surpassed my expectations.”

Interesting opportunities for mobility
 “Working at iA means having the opportunity to work for a company that stretches across Canada and the United States. The diversity of the activities we work on means that we get to learn about lots of different things. Through these different projects, we learn about group and individual insurance, savings products, and risk management, as well as corporate finance, investing, agile principles and so much more.

 “Also, because iA Financial Group has offices all across the country, there are lots of very interesting opportunities for mobility. From 2015 to 2017, I had an opportunity to work in our Special Markets Solutions division in Vancouver. iA supported me through every step of the experience. I got practical advice from people there before leaving, and I had financial help. I went from a team of about fifteen actuaries to a team of... three. There, I got a great overall view of our operations. I was able to see all the stages, from A to Z: product design, underwriting, marketing, calculation of reserves and capital requirements, processing of claims and continuous monitoring of the results. This experience still helps me today to better understand the importance of every link in the chain.” 

A matter of balance
 “Everywhere I’ve worked at iA, I have constantly been surrounded by people who are brilliant, engaged, compassionate and generous with their time. Our young and dynamic managers are committed to our development and are open to our ideas. While at school I learned the scientific side of the profession, here I learned the human side: business sense, team work, professionalism and work ethic. 

I believe in a healthy balance between my work and my personal life. I want a job that provides the stimulating challenges I need, where I can learn every day, develop personally and professionally and work with dynamic people, with exceptional working conditions and a flexible schedule. I’ve found all that here and more. Would I recommend iA as an employer? Absolutely.”

“Working at iA means having the opportunity to work for a company that stretches across Canada and into the United States.”