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Automated data exchange solution

iA Financial Group is combining its proven expertise in group plan administration with the power of digital technology to adopt a robust, efficient process for maintaining sound plan governance.

What is xConnect?

This solution simplifies the management of members' data and group plan eligibility through automated exchange between payroll or Human Resources information systems (HRIS) and our systems.

It’s flexible enough to adapt to the specifics of each plan and reduces the administrative work involved by eliminating certain tasks or making them more efficient.

In addition to reducing the administrative burden, the integration of these systems provides better quality and integrity of plan member data.

An effective solution


Time savings

  • Minimizes manual data entry
  • Minimizes delays
  • Simplifies administrative processes
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Data integrity

  • Minimizes errors
  • Ensures data consistency and security
  • Adapts to your systems
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Increased plan membership

  • Encourages group retirement savings plan member enrolment and engagement
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Simplified communication

  • Sends relevant enrolment information at the right time to group plan eligible employees

How does it work?

Group Savings and Retirement
Group Insurance

The exchange of plan members’ demographic data allows iA Financial Group to receive data directly from the HRIS. This solution can process changes to employee information, including:

  • Automatic registration of new employees if iA Financial Group manages eligibility
  • Employment status (death, disability, termination of employment, retirement, etc.)
  • Updates to personal or job information
  • Updates to eligibility data

Group Savings and Retirement
Group Insurance

The eligibility management service offered by iA Financial Group simplifies the plan sponsor’s administrative work and maximizes engagement and plan enrolment.

The service includes:

  • Automatic registration of new employees with the exchange of demographic data
  • Automatic detection and validation of employee eligibility
  • Automatic delivery of an enrolment kit with all the information and instructions needed to enrol
  • A quick enrolment process for those who are soon or already eligible
  • Dedicated plan sponsor reports for missing information, plan members, eligible employees and, where applicable, employees who have opted out

Group Insurance

The exchange of insurance data automatically updates the following information in iA Financial Group’s system based on the client’s HRIS, or vice-versa:

  • Changes to insurance coverage
  • Addition or removal of dependents

Group Insurance

The automatic exchange of payroll data involves sending the group insurance information needed to process employee payroll to the plan sponsor’s payroll system.

When a plan sponsor wants to receive this service, iA Financial Group calculates the:

  • Source deductions
  • Taxable benefits
  • Flexible credits


Implementation time varies depending on the HRIS and your individual needs. Our specialists will recommend the best solution and can estimate the implementation time accordingly.

Yes. Our xConnect specialists will support you throughout the entire process.

The cost depends on a number of variables, including the type of integration and the formats required. Feel free to talk to our specialists, who can assess your situation and recommend the best solution.

Whether you use an in-house system or you deal with an outside provider, the xConnect solution can be adapted to your needs. Feel free to talk to our specialists, who can assess your situation and recommend the best solution.

We accept Web API, as well as JSON and XML formats. We can also convert any other file format you use.

The xConnect solution can be adapted to your needs. Feel free to talk to our specialists, who can assess your situation and recommend the best solution.

Our xConnect specialists can help you determine if this solution is right for your group. Contact us and tell us about your needs.

iA Financial Group places the utmost importance on data security and applies information security best practices.