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Something new in the iA Mobile app!

News Release

New feature

In an ongoing effort to improve the client experience for group insurance plan members, a brand-new feature has been added to the iA Mobile application over the past few days.

The Your coverage section is now available in iA Mobile, giving plan members greater visibility over the details of their coverage.

At any time, they can consult their benefit summary and balance, as well as information on other details of their coverage, for each insured person.

Another new feature enhancing the experience of plan members: the group insurance booklet is now available in the iA Mobile app.

iA Mobile

If you wish, you can share this leaflet with your plan members, highlighting the main features of the iA Mobile application.

An article will be published in My Client Space to inform plan members of this new feature.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your advisor or your iA Financial Group Account Executive.