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A new reference website to answer members’ questions

News Release

It’s a well-known fact: education is a key issue when it comes to group insurance. With the aim of creating added value for your organization and your employees, we have recently launched a website that answers the most fundamental questions for many group plan members:

  • How does my group insurance plan work?
  • How do I enrol in the plan? What are the first steps?
  • What are my group insurance plan options and how can I make the most of them?

This new tool is both a showcase and a reference source. Its aim is to support and guide plan members by helping them better understand the benefits available to them.

The go-to reference to help your employees better understand their plan and answer their questions

  • How to create a My Client Space account to access our digital tools and use the iA Mobile application
  • Information on the most essential functionalities available in My Client Space and iA Mobile (claims, direct deposit enrolment, coverage details, etc.)
  • Detailed information on our services, such as the employee and family assistance program and the health navigation platform
  • Tips and tricks to help save money on drug purchases and prevent group insurance fraud
  • And much more!

As the website is brand new, its content will be enhanced over the coming months (videos, articles, etc.).

If the context of your organization lends itself to it and if you wish to use it, we have attached a short message as well as a poster that you can print or post on your intranet to inform your employees of this new online destination.

Want to take a look at the website? Go ahead!