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Itching to travel?

News Release

Do you want to travel, to see the world or soak up the sun on a sandy beach surrounded by magnificent palm trees? This is totally normal in the current post-pandemic context and, have no doubt, you’re far from the only one who’s got the itch to travel…

In fact, the travel industry has really picked up stream in the last year, and travellers have in turn taken over the airports. However, this increased traffic often corresponds to late or even cancelled flights, which cause many problems and headaches.

In addition to the travel insurance coverage included in most group insurance contracts offered by iA Financial Group, some contracts also include trip cancellation coverage. It is always important, especially in the current situation, for members to understand the benefits included in their coverage, as well as the exclusions, before leaving for or even booking a trip. The details of these can be found in their group insurance booklet, located in My Client Space.

To remind your members of the importance to inform themselves of what is covered or not in their plan and of the best practices regarding travel, we invite you to forward them the following communication. It contains important advice that will provide them with peace of mind when they travel.

See the French version of the communication.