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Travelling abroad without lowering your guard

News Release

Although most of the restrictions and health instructions related to the COVID-19 pandemic are behind us, the borders have reopened and international cruises and flights are gaining popularity day after day, it is still important not to lower your guard and to consult the Government of Canada travel recommendations before leaving the country.

This is a simple but very important task.

We invite you to consult our FAQ to learn more about the expenses eligible and ineligible for reimbursement and know the coverage of emergency expenses incurred abroad, subject to the parameters of the contracts1. Moreover, it is always important for your members to be informed about the health situation at their destination because the measures for foreign travellers are still in force in some countries.

Note that proof of travel insurance is available in My Client Space, under Forms and documents, and in the iA Mobile app. This document is required to visit certain countries, particularly Cuba. Members who travel abroad can therefore obtain it easily and travel with peace of mind.

We have prepared a communication which we invite you to forward to members. Please see the French version of this communication to members.

If you have any questions, please contact your advisor or your iA Financial Group Account Executive.

1 Note that certain coverage in question in the FAQ is not offered in every region and that your members might not be covered by it.