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Health and wellness: new services to support plan members' mental health

News Release

Exacerbated by the pandemic, mental health issues are at the heart of many organizations' concerns. That is why, to ensure a complete offer adapted to the needs of our group insurance clients, we have added new services aimed at supporting plan members in achieving optimal mental health.

Stress Management and Well-Being Program (SMWP)
This premium mental health program includes a stress assessment questionnaire, preventive coaching and tips for coping with stress.

In addition to a clinical assessment by mental health specialists, plan members have access to an unlimited number of virtual psychotherapy sessions. To ensure successful therapy and prevent relapse, a case manager is assigned to each request to coordinate care between psychologists, physicians and mental health specialists.

Internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT)
The iCBT program is an effective and recommended approach to supporting plan members with mild to moderate mental health symptoms.

iBCT can help treat a wide range of mental health problems, including depression and anxiety disorders. It is a short-term psychotherapy with the goals of building resilience and strengthening coping skills. This service is available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week to facilitate access for plan members.

The new SMWP and iBCT services are offered in partnership with our virtual care provider, Dialogue, and can be added to group insurance coverage. These services are a valuable asset for any group insurance plan sponsor who wishes to offer a comprehensive benefits package to their plan members.

If you have any questions, please contact your advisor or your iA Financial Group Account Executive.