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Mental Health Coaching gives way to Stay Healthy at Work

News Release

As announced at the time of its launch in August 2020, the Mental Health Coaching service will end on July 31. As of that date, this service can be replaced by Stay Healthy at WorkTM*, a comprehensive program already offered on an à-la-carte basis as part of our Well-Balanced® health and wellness offer.

What are the benefits of the Stay Healthy at Work program for your plan members?
Stay Healthy at Work, like the Mental Health Coaching service, is based on early intervention and targets key issues that can affect plan member productivity and contribute to absenteeism:

Stress Back and neck pain Muscle and joint
Anxiety High cholesterol
Depression Diabetes Hypertension

With the Stay Healthy at Work program, plan members have even more comprehensive coverage than that offered by the Mental Health Coaching service, which only targeted stress, anxiety and depression. In addition, Stay Healthy at Work includes the Manager support program, which is designed to provide managers with relevant tools to identify and support employees in difficulty. This program also includes a crisis intervention service.

A winning approach... for everyone!
Plan members who have access to the Stay Healthy at Work program benefit from personalized and confidential support, offered by telephone or online, by health professionals such as nurses, social workers, psychologists, occupational therapists, kinesiologists and nutritionists. This program encourages plan members to take charge of their health and use the resources available to them to improve their personal and professional quality of life. By focusing on proactivity, Stay Healthy at Work allows the management of problems upstream and helps prevent disability and the negative consequences it can have on employees and employers. Everyone wins!

Stay Healthy at Work can be added to your group insurance plan at any time for a fee*.

Mental Health Coaching: support until the end
What will happen to ongoing Mental Health Coaching cases on July 31? Cases in progress on that date will continue until the number of sessions scheduled or the maximum number of eligible hours has been reached. Plan members will be able to complete their personalized coaching with peace of mind.

If you have any questions, please contact your advisor or your iA Financial Group Account Executive.

* The Mental Health Coaching service (offered free of charge until July 31, 2021) and the Stay Healthy at Work program (offered à la carte for $0.75 per member per month) are integrated in the Health Navigation Platform. The Health Navigation Platform is available at no cost to groups that have a health insurance plan with iA Financial Group and that meet the following eligibility criteria: plan member data is stored in iA Financial Group’s systems (we manage the in-force) AND plan members have access to My Client Space. Access to the Health Navigation Platform is required to benefit from Stay Healthy at Work, which includes the Manager support program.