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Verified.Me: to quickly create an account in My Client Space

News Release

Last February, we announced that group plan members could now create their account more easily in My Client Space using Verified.Me, by opting for the Quick registration option.

Key advantages of Verified.Me
Developed by SecureKey, Verified.Me speeds up the account creation process in My Client Space. If they choose the Quick registration option instead of the traditional registration method, plan members can, among other things:

― Create their account without an activation key:

  • The process is more streamlined, with no unnecessary waiting times (e.g. postal delays).

― Send their personal information securely and reliably:

  • Plan members must first authorize the sending of their personal information.
  • The information sent is encrypted and robust security protocols, which prevent unauthorized disclosure, consultation and use of the information, are used.
  • The risk of mistakes during the transmission of information is greatly reduced.
  • SecureKey and iA Financial Group do not have access to plan member identifiers when access their bank account.

An enhanced client experience
With Verified.Me, plan members have access to a faster, easier way to create their account. Once they’ve finished, they are ready to enjoy the advantages offered by My Client Space and the different digital services and functionalities. This can only enhance their client experience!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Advisor or iA Financial Group Account Executive.

*Note that the traditional method using an activation key is still offered.