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Well-Balanced, a complete and effective health and wellness offering

News Release

Before 2020, everyone agreed that health and wellness programs were very valuable and contributed to the overall health of employees and, by extension, to the health of organizations. In recent months, in the context of the pandemic, we have become even more aware of how important and valuable these programs are to those who benefit from them.

Therefore, to provide our clients and their plan members with the most complete range of services, we recently enhanced our health and wellness offer, Well-Balanced®, with the addition of two new services, Mental Health Coaching and telemedicine.

Mental Health Coaching service — available free of charge until July 31, 20211

Offered since August 1, and already used by many plan members, the Mental Health Coaching service is a proactive disability prevention solution, as it targets the main mental health issues — depression, stress and anxiety — that affect plan members' productivity and contribute to absenteeism.

This service allows plan members to have access to online tools as well as personalized coaching by telephone with health professionals (nurses, social workers, psychologists, etc.) so they can better manage their mental health conditions by following a personalized action plan.

The fact that many plan members have already used this service shows that it meets a real need in these difficult times, during which many feel additional stress.

The Mental Health Coaching service, access to the Health Navigation Platform as well as the health risk assessment questionnaire are at the core of our health and wellness offer and are included free of charge1 in all our health insurance plans.

You can send your plan members this leaflet to let them know about these services.

Important: first make sure that your group meets the following eligibility criteria:

  • Your group has a health insurance plan at iA Financial Group
  • iA Financial Group manages the in-force (your plan members’ data is stored in our systems)
  • Your plan members have access to My Client Space

Telemedicine service — available à la carte

Through our partnership with Dialogue, Canada's leader in telemedicine, we offer you the opportunity to add this service to your benefits package at a preferred rate.

Dialogue is a platform meant for all family members, allowing them to communicate with healthcare professionals from anywhere in Canada, online or on a mobile device, at any time.

Dialogue includes a wide variety of services (live chat with nurses, prescription renewals, blood test requests, etc.), which makes it possible to virtually treat up to 70% of minor medical problems that would normally require a visit to a clinic, and therefore avoid several hours of waiting time.

If you have any questions about our health and wellness offer, please contact your iA Financial Group Account Executive.

1 The Mental Health Coaching service is offered free of charge until July 31, 2021 and is integrated in the Health Navigation Platform. The Health Navigation Platform is available at no cost to groups with a health insurance plan at iA Financial Group and that meet the following eligibility criteria: plan member data is stored in iA Financial Group’s systems (we manage the in-force) AND plan members have access to My Client Space. Access to the Health Navigation Platform is required to benefit from the Mental Health Coaching service.