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Here you will find all the claims forms, administrative forms and return envelopes that you require. You may download them in PDF format or order paper copies.

Formulaires - règlements:
F54-326A Medical and Paramedical Expenses PDF (177.37 kB)
F54-288A Dental Care PDF (172.92 kB)
F54-383A Health Spending Account (HSA) PDF (247.61 kB)
F54-069A Direct Deposit for medical expenses and dental Care PDF (191.85 kB)
F54-381A Disability – Initial Request PDF (670.29 kB)
F54-382A Disability – Extension of disability PDF (2.45 MB)
F54-907A Disability – Policyholder’s statement PDF (247.79 kB)
F54-072A Direct Deposit for disability benefits PDF (191.23 kB)
F54-996A Travel Insurance (emergency medical care) PDF (107.39 kB)
F54-361A Life Insurance PDF (138.68 kB)
F54-856A Critical Illness PDF (1.2 MB)
F54-380A Accidental Dismemberment PDF (181.81 kB)
F54-267A Dental Care in case of an accident PDF (154.66 kB)
F54-859A Prior Authorization Drug form PDF (228.96 kB)
F54-835A Request for brand name drug exception PDF (85.68 kB)
Return envelopes
N° de formulaire Nom Commander
F48-182A Disability Claims - Montréal
F48-184A Health and Dental Claims- Montréal
F48-184A-1 Health and Dental Claims- Toronto
F48-184A-2 Disability Claims - Toronto

Formulaires - règlements:
F54-018A Enrolment Request PDF (261.4 kB)
F54-018A-1 Enrolment Request – with online beneficiary designation PDF (440.91 kB)
F54-070A Change Request PDF (302.56 kB)
F54-070A-1 Change Request – with online beneficiary designation PDF (306.31 kB)
F54-002A Evidence of Insurability PDF (654.87 kB)
F54-863A Policyholder Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement (PAD) PDF (154.02 kB)
F54-1021A Notice Of Administrative Changes PDF (150.39 kB)
F54-776A-2 Transit - Individual Health Insurance Application PDF (661.2 kB)
F54-848A Transit - Brochure PDF (307.25 kB)
No number Transit – Rates Table PDF (147.36 kB)
F54-030A Conversion request – Group life insurance (regular groups) PDF (112.18 kB)
F54-030-1A Conversion request – Group life insurance (self-administered groups or third-party administrators) PDF (114.94 kB)
F54-833A Request for Extension of Benefits PDF (305.65 kB)
F54-020A Notice of Change PDF (176.84 kB)
N° de formulaire Nom Commander
F48-182A Administration department - Montréal
F48-182A-1 Administration department - Toronto
F48-184A-3 Accounting department - Toronto

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