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Permanent life insurance

Permanent life insurance is a key means to protect your family members by providing them with the financial support they need to keep their lives on track.

What is permanent life insurance?

It’s a preferred solution to ensure the financial security of our loved ones, adequately meeting your insurance needs, such as bequests to your heirs, estate taxes, your final expenses and your financial obligations. It could also ensure the continuity of your business or protect an investment. Whatever your reason for enrolling, our flexible and guaranteed permanent life insurance will meet your evolving needs and those of your family.

This type of insurance differs from term insurance in that it has additional guaranteed values such as a surrender value and paid-up insurance.


Your needs change and you want to modify your coverage? Our flexible products let you transform your coverage over time and adapt it to your current needs.


No surprises, no worries! Coverage tailored to your budget, so you can determine how long you pay premiums, for preset terms of 10 or 20 years, or until your retirement at age 65.


This insurance comes with many guarantees, including the premium and the coverage amount. This means your premiums will never increase, making it easier to budget.

Coverage adapted to your needs

This permanent life insurance product is designed to protect your family’s financial security. Whether you’re planning your life together, buying a property, having a baby, starting a business or even planning your retirement, whole life insurance gives you the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Access Life provides simple, comprehensive financial coverage that’s accessible to everyone and that covers your financial protection needs in the event of death. A perfect solution if you don’t want to go through medical examinations or if your state of health, or any other reason, prevents you from choosing regular life insurance. Enrolment is easy—just answer a few questions about your current state of health.

Child Life & Health Duo

Child Life & Health Duo is designed to protect your child for life and provide coverage in the event of critical illness. The premium for this life insurance is fully paid up by the time your child turns 30. Coverage is based on your child’s growing needs, and includes guaranteed insurability and surrender values.

Life and Serenity 65 offers you the security of lifelong coverage and includes financial support from age 65 in the event of loss of autonomy. The life insurance amount is paid out as a monthly annuity if you have Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, paralysis or loss of autonomy.

Premiums are payable to age 100 and a payment holiday applies upon diagnosis of one of the four covered illnesses.

Compare our permanent life insurance products

Whole life Access Life Child Life & Health Duo Life and Serenity 65
Quick payments -
Fixed and guaranteed premiums
Guaranteed face amount
Surrender values
Face amount Up to 10 000 000 $ Up to 500 000 $ Up to 500 000 $ Up to 1 000 000 $
Tax-free death benefit