Mirna Trinidad Zelada’s iA story

A dream come true

An enthusiastic cook, Mirna had hoped to work in this field upon her arrival to Canada. Before joining our team in 2005, she worked many different jobs, but none provided her with the same satisfaction as her current role at iA. “It’s the first place I’ve ever worked where I don’t want to leave. Even today, I am still very happy at iA.”

A variety of roles

Mirna works in the food services team, serving hundreds of meals to employees from three buildings each day. Since she began, she has had the chance to learn the inner workings of the team. “For me, it was like going to school because I had the chance to learn all the positions: salad counter, sandwich bar, hot meals and desserts. I also participated in planning the weekly menu.”

New challenges

Since 2013, Mirna is responsible for a new cafeteria in another building owned by iA. “I’ve taken on more responsibility. Now, I take care of all the ordering, which takes a lot of planning and organization, so I must be versatile.  It’s a very motivating and rewarding experience.”

Excellent working conditions

Excellent working conditions in the hospitality industry are rare. Mirna doesn’t work nights or on weekends, and rests easy thanks to the employee benefits that we offer. “My work schedule is great because my day ends early. Plus, insurance to cover my entire family really doesn’t cost me very much.”

“One thing that I really like about my job is that we work as a team.”