Radja Mezairi’s iA story

Radja was recruited abroad in 2014 and started out as an IT analyst with IT projects for Corporate Affairs Solutions at our head office in Quebec City. She recently transitioned to a new position as an IT security analyst at our Montreal office. “It was an opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone, to learn something new and to move closer to my family.”  

“What I love about working at iA is having stimulating professional challenges and getting to work on a variety of different projects. Because we support various business lines with different needs, we handle several projects at a time. Teamwork is essential because I collaborate with multidisciplinary teams (project leads, programmers, analysts, architecture advisors, etc.). Each person plays a crucial role within their team; everyone brings their own skills and focuses their efforts on a particular area of expertise. I also appreciate how open the managers are. They are always available and ready to listen to any concerns from their team and contributors.”

A high-level work environment 
Since she started at iA, Radja has really appreciated the workplace environment. “I found it a very fun and friendly environment. The flexible work hours are a really important part of my work satisfaction, but it’s not the only thing. Having a cafeteria with home-made meals, mindfulness rooms, a professional-grade gym, group courses and lunch courses on wellness, there’s something for everyone! Not to mention a huge party at the end of the year where we all celebrate everything we’ve accomplished over the past 12 months!”  

Human values that help us go further
 “At iA, employee’s skills, efforts and human qualities are recognized and valued. Initiative is encouraged, and values like respect, listening and trust are the foundation of our relationships and our success. The company uses its reach to get involved in the community by participating in various causes such as United Way, or the Shaved Head Challenge. Because iA aims for continuous improvement of our practices and processes, we are encouraged to pursue training and share our points of view. There are also concrete opportunities for growth within the company that allow us to fulfill our ambitions. My own journey is proof, as I was able to transition from IT analyst to IT security analyst. It makes me very proud and is a huge source of satisfaction.”

“At iA, employees’ skills, efforts and human qualities are recognized and valued.”