Anne Gagné-Guimont’s iA story

A gradual start with our company

Anne’s iA adventure began in the accounting systems department when she was a student. “I was hired for a summer student job, but I was given a project with a lot of freedom. I loved it!”

The next summer, she worked as a full-time intern, and then continued on for two days per week afterwards while finishing her MBA. “My managers allowed me to work my schedule around my classes. And, I was still involved in important projects, even though I wasn’t working full-time.” The opportunity of putting the theory learned at university into practice at work played an important role in her academic success.

Full-time support

Upon graduation, Anne accepted a permanent position in the accounting department, without leaving her love of learning behind. “iA understands the advantage of combining work with studies. When I wanted to obtain my CFA certification, they generously afforded me the time off I needed to achieve my goal.”

Our work environment actively promotes the exchange of knowledge and expertise; that’s why each individual becomes an extremely useful resource for the team. “I think it is important to have mentors and role models to follow when you begin your career. I had the chance to work with colleagues who coached and assisted me in the completion of my projects.”

Compatibility between balance and challenges

As a financial reporting accountant, Anne faced new challenges each quarter, gathering data from the different business lines and rendering it clear, concise and comprehensible. The team’s role was to produce accurate and reliable financial reports in conjunction with investor relations specialists.

“The end of the quarter was always an exceptionally busy time at work. The managers knew their team’s availability and commitment, allowing flexible work hours outside of this period. They are very accommodating.”

Today as a standardization accountant, Anne works through accounting challenges for complex transactions in collaboration with other areas of expertise, supporting the lines of business in their growth strategy. “It’s very stimulating, because it’s never the same transactions or analyses. Since iA is a growing company, we’re always asked to analyze new strategies, and we’re always learning something new! It’s exciting to have a new challenge every day.”

“It’s very stimulating, because it’s never the same transaction or analysis. Since iA is a growing company, we’re always being asked to analyze new strategies.”