Édifice Mérici

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With its modern architecture and ample windows, enhanced by a polished granite exterior finish and refined landscape, Édifice Mérici projects an image of quality and originality. Its carefully-designed, luxurious entrance hall provides access to three floors where space and natural light are the focal points. This Class A property has been updated through major renovations in recent years.

Édifice Mérici is located in a choice sector of Quebec City. Its location on Grande Allée Ouest between Sainte Foy and Parliament Hill is easily accessible both by car and by public transportation, with service by several major bus lines.

Technical Sheet

  • Total area 128,230 sq. ft.
  • Number of floors 3
  • Parking 426 spaces


Floor Area Plan
3 5,665 sq. ft.
2 2,760 sq. ft.
2 3,100 sq. ft.
GF 4,000 sq. ft.
GF 2,900 sq. ft.
GF 1,992 sq. ft.

Édifice Mérici

801 Grande Allée West

Leasing information
General Information

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