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iA Financial Group announces changes to its Executive Committee

Retirement of Michael L. Stickney, new responsibilities for Sean O’Brien and Denis Berthiaume and appointment of Louis-Philippe Pouliot


News Release

iA Financial Group (TSX: IAG) announces today the following changes to its Executive Committee.

After 25 years of dedicated services to iA Financial Group, Michael L. Stickney, Executive Vice-President, Chief Growth Officer US Operations, Co-Head of Acquisitions, has informed us of his intention to retire in the coming months.

Mr. Stickney began his career at iA with the acquisition of the Seaboard Life Company in 1999, taking on various responsibilities over the years. He notably led the Dealer Services and Special Markets sectors before dedicating his attention to the US operations. He has been iA’s Chief Growth Officer US Operations and Co-Head of acquisitions since August 2023. He was also previously responsible for growth across Canada and the United States.

Mr. Stickney will stay on for the coming months as strategic advisor to ensure a smooth transition with his successor.

Appointment of Sean O’Brien in the United States
Already member of the Executive Committee, Sean O’Brien will become Chief Growth Officer US Operations. Mr. O’Brien has joined iA in 2015 and brings close to 30 years experience in successfully leading and growing businesses in the financial sector. Previously Executive Vice-President, Group Benefits and Retirement Solutions, Sean O’Brien has also headed the Canadian Dealer Services sector and Wealth Management sector. Mr. O’Brien will now dedicate his full attention to the growth of the US operations.

His responsibilities will include all of iA's U.S. operations: Dealer Services, Individual Insurance and Vericity, a U.S. life insurance company and digital agency, when this transaction closes.

Appointment of Denis Berthiaume
Part of Mike Stickney’s previous responsibilities were also to co-head acquisitions, a mandate that will now be entirely entrusted to Denis Berthiaume. As iA’s Executive Vice-President, Strategy, Performance, Mergers and Acquisitions, he will orchestrate efforts from all the lines of business to deploy capital in accretive acquisitions that will create value for shareholders.

Denis Berthiaume has held the position of Executive Vice-President, Strategy and Performance and Co-Head of Acquisitions since August 2023. He has supervised two key areas of responsibility. The first area involves the company’s strategy and performance, with an aim to maximize strategic and operational alignment. His second key responsibility focuses on acquisitions.

Appointment of Louis-Philippe Pouliot
We are pleased to announce the appointment of Louis-Philippe Pouliot as Executive Vice-President, Group Benefits and Retirement Solutions.

Mr. Pouliot joined iA in 2008, where he initially worked as an actuary in the U.S. and in corporate actuarial. In 2018, he was appointed Director of Corporate Actuarial Services, then Senior Director as of January 2019. In 2021, Mr. Pouliot was promoted to Vice-President, Administration, Group Insurance and Savings Solutions, where he was promoted to Senior Vice-President in January 2022.

Mr. Pouliot will join the iA Financial Group Executive Committee.

These changes will come into effect on May 29, 2024.

“Mike Stickney has played a very important role in iA's success over the past decades, and we are very grateful for his contribution”, said Denis Ricard, President and Chief Executive Officer. “I wish him a very happy retirement. Sean O'Brien, who will succeed him, is a brilliant executive who stands out for his business acumen. He has a proven ability to generate both sales and profit growth in the various sectors he has managed. I would also like to congratulate Denis Berthiaume and Louis-Philippe Pouliot on their new responsibilities.”