Donations and sponsorships

Requesting a donation

Our objective is to provide financial support to causes that focus on improving the quality of life of Canadians. Our choices are guided by the criteria below.

We provide donations to support the following types of organizations: 

  • Charitable organizations that are registered with the Canada Revenue Agency and issue tax receipts
  • Organizations that seek to improve people’s quality of life 
  • Organizations that foster development in health, education and social services 
  • Organizations in which iA Financial Group employees are involved 

We do not provide donations for the following types of causes and activities: 

  • Religious
  • Political
  • Protest groups
  • Organizations affiliated with the United Way (which is already supported by iA)
  • Requests from an individual on behalf of a charitable organization
  • Primary or secondary school student activities
  • Study trips or internships 
  • Graduation yearbooks or programs
  • Amateur or professional sports
  • Retiree, social or athletic clubs
  • Construction of buildings
  • Organizations working abroad (outside Canada)

Please note

  • Only one donation request per year is allowed.
  • We will only review completed requests.
  • We will respond to your donation request within 30 days

Does your cause or activity meet our selection criteria?

You can fill out and send us the online donation request form.

Requesting a sponsorship

Our sponsorship budget is limited, already allocated and devoted mainly to family-oriented activities.

We are not accepting any new requests, so sponsorship requests will not receive a response.