Our brand, our distinctiveness

The iA Financial Group brand image reflects the scope of our company and the diversity of our products and services. Much more than an insurance company, iA Financial Group is a major player in the industry, offering a wide range of financial services.

iA Financial Group wants to help clients better understand the insurance and financial services world and support them so that they can make the right choices and reach their goals at each stage of their lives.

The “INVESTED IN YOU.” signature expresses our brand promise and vision. We’re invested in products and services that are adapted to our clients’ needs, in our customer service and in our employees’ development and our relationships with our distributors.

Our symbol, the helpful elephant

In 1992, as we celebrated our centennial, iA Financial Group adopted the elephant as a symbol to represent the company. The elephant shares qualities with the company: wisdom gained through experience, attentiveness, a sense of responsibility, family values, strength and stability.

Over the years, the elephant has gradually been incorporated into the iA Financial Group brand. Today, the elephant is still present in the logos of iA Financial Group and its subsidiaries. Its comforting presence provides support to the message we are communicating, regardless of its placement.