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iA Financial Group has published its 2023 Sustainability Report

Significant achievements in sustainability


News Release

iA Financial Group is pleased to present its Sustainability Report for the year 2023. Centred around the theme “Proven Values, Looking to the Future”, it highlights the company’s progress and achievements in the area of sustainability.

A materiality assessment to consult with stakeholders
iA Financial Group kicked off the year 2023 by conducting its first materiality assessment. The company’s Sustainability team met with various stakeholders to gain a clear understanding of which sustainability issues iA is impacting and which will contribute to the company’s sustainable growth in the years ahead. This insightful, relevant exercise has informed iA’s new strategic plan and its new sustainability priorities.

“With each passing year, we strive to honour the commitments we make so that the long-term performance of iA Financial Group also contributes in the transition towards a better world,” says Marie-Annick Bonneau, Senior Vice-President, Investor Relations, Capital Management, Sustainability and Public Affairs. “That is why we aim to continually refer to sustainability principles to guide our decisions and fully incorporate sustainability into our future actions.”

New greenhouse gas (“GHG”) reduction targets
On the environmental front, the company updated its climate strategy, announcing two new, more precise targets for reducing its GHG.

By 2035, iA Financial Group aims to reduce:

  • the GHG emission intensity of its Canadian real estate holdings by 60%
  • the carbon intensity of its public corporate bond portfolio by 40% (relative to its investments totalling $13.5 billion as of January 16, 2023).

For the third consecutive year, iA Financial Group has published its 2023 TCFD Report.

Initiatives to foster a culture of inclusion and diversity
iA Financial Group also continued its efforts to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. The company conducted a first voluntary self-identification survey of the majority of its employees in Canada, with the aim of getting to know them better in order to better equip them. It also revitalized its various employee resource groups and launched a new group for Indigenous communities.

Furthermore, iA completed the first phase of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business’s Progressive Aboriginal RelationsTM (PAR) certification process. Finally, the company continued to pursue its philanthropic endeavours, with contributions totalling $9.4 million to various charitable organizations in Canada and the United States.

Successful employee and client experiences
iA Financial Group has also stayed the course when it comes to supporting the development of its employees, notably through its employee experience program. iA Financial Group has been ranked 48th best employer in Canada in 2024 by Forbes.

For clients, the company has deployed its global client experience (CX) model to bring the organization into alignment with clients’ needs and to help deliver a client experience that is even more streamlined and consistent, while meeting its growth targets.

Sound, robust governance
iA Financial Group has always placed a high priority on establishing and maintaining sound and prudent corporate governance, in the interest of its stakeholders. The company’s performance was particularly noteworthy in the ranking published by The Globe and Mail (Board Games) in 2023, ranked 7th out of 219 Canadian companies, with a score of 94%.

Click here to access the 2023 Sustainability Report.

Our approach to sustainability
To be a company that contributes to sustainable growth and the well-being of its clients, employees, partners, investors and communities, iA Financial Group makes sustainability a priority.

Caution regarding forward-looking statements
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