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iA Financial Group commits to Indigenous communities


News Release

iA Financial Group is happy to announce its commitment to obtain certification from the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business’ Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program.

“It’s important for us to maintain positive relationships with Indigenous communities in Canada and, for that reason, we recognize that these relations should be certified by the external standards of practice established by Indigenous peoples,” emphasizes Denis Ricard, President and Chief Executive Officer of iA Financial Group. “This is why we have formally committed to the comprehensive process put in place by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. By doing so, we are prioritizing the continued improvement of our relations with Indigenous peoples and our intention to undergo an external review of our performance in this area going forward. We are convinced that our global and structured approach will help us ensure the quality and success of our commitments within the framework of this certification.”

The Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program is upheld by four pillars necessary for a business to successfully maintain its emphasis on progressive and positive relations with Indigenous peoples.

These pillars are the following:

  • Leadership Actions: the company’s management supports the organization’s emphasis on progressive relations with Indigenous peoples throughout the organization.
  • Employment: the company dedicates resources to the equitable representation of Indigenous peoples within its personnel.
  • Business Development: the company dedicates resources to develop business relations with Indigenous-owned businesses.
  • Community Relationships: the company is committed to developing and maintaining positive relationships with Indigenous communities, members and stakeholders.

A four-phased process

Working with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, iA Financial Group is taking a phased approach in order to progressively analyze, understand and implement the numerous elements necessary to obtain PAR certification.

The following are four key phases to be completed by 2025:

  • Officially be a part of the “PAR Committed” companies (which has been the case since October 2022)
  • Put in place structures to integrate progressive relations with Indigenous peoples
  • Involve different spheres within the organization, including procurement, talent acquisition and philanthropy
  • Establish positive relations, set goals and examine progress

Our sustainability ambition

Our ambition is to be a company that contributes to the sustainable growth and wellbeing of its clients, employees, partners, investors and communities.

Sustainability is a priority that guides our day-to-day achievements in environmental, social and governance matters, which we demonstrate with the use of the iA Sustainable pictogram.