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iA Financial Group extends its mobile app to other business lines


News Release

iA Financial Group has taken another step in its digital shift by integrating the Individual Savings and Retirement and Mortgages sectors in its iA Mobile app.

In addition to being able to track the evolution of their contract and the returns on their investments at any time directly in iA Mobile, Individual Savings and Retirement clients can quickly and securely access other financial information, like their investment balance and electronic documents.

“At iA Financial Group, we’re making huge investments in technology, particularly in digital and mobile technology. We are also adapting our methods by promoting efficiency and the client and advisor experiences,” confirms Renée Laflamme, Executive Vice-President, Individual Insurance, Savings and Retirement. “Through technology, we are more accessible, information is closer to your fingertips and transactions are easier.”

Moreover, iA Financial Group clients with a mortgage loan will have access to several functionalities in iA Mobile. Specifically, they will be able to see the loan balance and rate, the remaining amortization and other relevant information about their mortgage product. They can also check important dates, including the date of their next payment or the mortgage maturity date.

“This innovation allows us to offer even more flexibility to our clients in addition to supporting one of our fundamental objectives, which is to offer clients personalized service at each stage of their loan,” adds Marie-Élaine Gaudreault, Vice-President, Mortgages.

The new Individual Savings and Retirement and Mortgages users join the thousands of Group Insurance and Group Retirement Savings clients who already use iA Financial Group’s mobile app to make their lives easier. The latter can submit their group insurance claims, check their prescription drug coverage, see the progress of their retirement savings and make contributions to their plan.