Governance and constating documents

Sound governance has always been an integral part iA Financial Group’s corporate culture. The Company is committed to continually adopting the best governance practices. Adherence to the highest governance standards makes it possible to not only foster growth and increase the share price, but also to maintain the trust of clients, investors and other stakeholders.

Governance Framework

The purpose of the Governance Framework is to describe the governance structure and the key strategies and policies in place to ensure sound and prudent governance for the benefit of the Corporation and its stakeholders.

This framework and its policies and practices have been developed in the spirit of integrity and ethics and prudent risk management. The Company has also adopted rigorous monitoring mechanisms to ensure that its corporate governance policies are known and applied by all concerned, including the directors, officers and employees of iA Financial Group.

The Board of Directors of iA Insurance is governed by a range of laws and regulations, and its mission is defined in its charter. All the members of the Board of Directors must abide by the iA Financial Group’s Code of Business Conduct and are subject to a variety of policies and guidelines concerning, among other things, Board independence, information disclosure and insider trading.

The Board of Directors includes 13 directors, 12 of whom are independent members. Additionally, 54% are women. The Information Document for Participation Policyholders presents information about the directors.

To assist it in achieving its mandate, the Board of Directors has created the following four committees:

Audit Committee

  • Ginette Maillé, Chair
  • Monique Mercier
  • Marc Poulin
  • Suzanne Rancourt

Human Resources and Compensation Committee

  • Marc Poulin, Chair
  • Benoit Daignault
  • Nicolas Darveau-Garneau
  • Jacques Martin
  • Monique Mercier

Investment Committee

  • Emma K. Griffin, Chair
  • William F. Chinery
  • Benoit Daignault
  • Martin Gagnon
  • Ouma Sananikone

Risk, Governance and Ethics Committee

  • Jacques Martin, Chair
  • Alka Gautam
  • Emma K. Griffin
  • Ginette Maillé
  • Suzanne Rancourt
  • Rebecca Schechter

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Policy Regarding the Majority Election of Directors

We have adopted a policy pursuant to which a nominee for election as a director for whom the number of votes withheld or abstentions exceeds the number of votes cast in favour will be required to submit his or her resignation to the Board. Within 90 days following the date of the meeting at which a director does not receive a majority of the votes cast in favour of his or her election, the Board, upon recommendation of the Risk, Governance and Ethics Committee, must decide if it will accept or refuse the director’s resignation. Barring exceptional circumstances, the Board will accept the resignation.

The Company must promptly issue a news release announcing the Board’s decision. If the Board refuses the resignation, the reasons underlying this decision will be disclosed in the news release. Otherwise, the resignation will take effect upon its acceptance by the Board. This policy does not apply to a director who is not recommended by the Board during a contested election.

Officers of iA Financial Group must abide by the Company’s Code of Business Conduct and are subject to a variety of policies and guidelines concerning, among other things, information disclosure, insider trading and risk management, in addition to all the policies and guidelines that govern employees generally.

Employees of iA Financial Group are at the very heart of the Group's success. It is therefore vital to ensure that the trust placed in them by clients and shareholders is well-founded and deserved. That is why the level of integrity and professionalism to which they are entitled must be reflected in every employee’s conduct.

For iA Financial Group, it is essential to ensure that employees and all individuals involved in the Company's activities are aware of the high standards of conduct required of them and of the importance of always acting ethically, honestly and with integrity.

To this end, iA Financial Group has developed a variety of standards and policies for employees on a number of issues, including

Privacy policy for iA Financial Group

Information Document and financial results


Please refer to the Investor Relations page for more information, and to consult the Information Document for Participating Policyholders and the financial results.

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Fast, efficient institutional trade matching and settlement

National Instrument 24-101 establishes a framework that aims to ensure faster and more efficient matching and settlement of institutional trades carried out by a broker on a delivery against payment (DAP) or receipt against payment (RAP) account.

Institutional investors, advisors, brokers and custodians must develop and implement the necessary procedures and policies to meet the objectives set out in this instrument. They must also sign a trade-matching statement or agreement with the parties involved in the process.

The objectives of National Instrument 24-101 are available on the regulatory authorities’ website.

The company and its affiliate companies have completed the matching statement required by National Instrument 24-101. The following statements confirm that we have implemented these procedures and policies.

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