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Peek-a-Boo Plan

Free accident insurance for children under one year of age, that comes with a gift for your little one.

What is the Peek-a-Boo Plan?

Are you expecting or have you recently welcomed a baby? Congratulations! We have a free insurance plan designed just for your little one.

The Peek-a-Boo Plan offers all parents completely free coverage for their newborns.

Why not get it? It’s free!

Insurance that guarantees many benefits in case of an accident:

  • Loss of a limb or loss of sight, hearing, etc.
  • A death
  • Emergency transportation expenses
  • Additional fees for a private room at a hospital, etc.

Why enrol in the Peek-A-Boo Plan?


Free coverage for your baby for 12 months


Our gift to you: a wooden teething toy


Free support from a professional

  • Financial assistance so you can take care of your family in the event of an accident
  • Quick and easy enrollment that’s 100% online, with no questionnaire or medical exam
  • No automatic renewal and no obligation to purchase
  • Free virtual support from a financial security advisor who can answer all your questions about insurance and savings
  • Gift for your little one: a wooden teething toy.


Any infant between the ages of 15 days and 12 months who resides permanently in Canada during the coverage period and whose name appears on the Peek-a-Boo Plan application. Limit of one accident insurance policy per child.

The insurance coverage takes effect on the later of the following dates: the child’s 15th day of life or the date of receipt of the Peek-a-Boo Plan application form at the iA Financial Group head office. The coverage period is for 12 months. The insured infant is covered 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.

  Maximum Benefit *
A. Accidental Death
Accidental death $5,000
Accidental death while travelling on a public conveyance $15,000
B. Natural Death $2,500
C. Dismemberment or Loss of Use
Loss of two limbs, or loss of one limb and sight in one eye, or loss of sight in both eyes $50,000
Loss of hearing in both ears and loss of speech $50,000
Loss of hearing in both ears or loss of speech $25,000
Loss of one limb or loss of sight in one eye $12,500
Loss of hearing in one ear $3,000
Loss of fingers or toes (each finger or toe) $1,000
Maximum amount payable under this clause $50,000
D. Hospital and Paramedical Expenses Resulting From an Accident
Prescription drugs Included
Initial purchase (but not the replacement) of prosthesis/artificial limbs Max. $3,000
Initial purchase (but not the replacement) of a hearing aid Max. $500
Additional charge for a private or semi-private room Max. $55/day
Nursing care Included
Rental or purchase (but not the replacement) of orthopedic appliances Included
Treatment by a physiotherapist or chiropractor $15/visit, max. $180/year
Emergency transportation expenses Max. $1,000
Room and board for the person accompanying the insured $100/day, Max. $500
Maximum per accident $25,000
E. Hospitalization Allowance
Lump-sum benefit (payable starting the first night) $25/night, max. $1,000
F. Emergency Care Outside the Province of Residence
Physician services, hospital care and transportation by ambulance following an accident Max. $5,000
G. Child Care Expenses
Children under 18 years of age (injured insured child or other children of the parent or legal guardian) $10/hour, max. $100/year

The issued contract is the only official document binding on the parties.

* This table summarizes the benefits contained in the Peek-a-Boo Plan. Certain restrictions and exclusions specific to these guarantees apply.

General Exclusions: No benefits are payable for:

Care or treatment provided by a person related to the insured (except for transportation expenses).

Coordination of benefits for dental, hospital, paramedical and emergency care expenses.

The insured must always submit claims for reimbursement first to other plans (public, private or group insurance plans) before filing a claim under this policy. iA Financial Group’s liability is limited to the portion of costs not reimbursed by these other plans.

As for public plans, iA Financial Group’s liability is limited to the portion of costs that exceeds the costs reimbursable by these public plans, whether or not they are reimbursed.

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