We provide an exciting, healthy and safe workplace that fosters employee development and wellbeing.

Talent development

Altitude: A performance appraisal approach

At iA Financial Group, the performance appraisal approach is called Altitude. Launched in 2020, it aims to promote and support collaboration across teams through annual team goals and behaviours that support the achievement of these shared goals.

Supporting employee development

Altitude aligns with the company's talent management strategy. It focuses on the work environment with the goal of stimulating peer learning and fostering a climate of trust conducive to everyday learning. The performance appraisal process is a concrete example of the desire to put learning at the heart of the work at iA Financial Group. Altitude encourages continuous feedback in action so that our employees know where they stand with the contribution they make to their team or on their development. These conversations throughout the year allow everyone to adjust and to unleash their full potential. Our approach spans all levels of management, shaping tomorrow's employees and managers by putting them at the centre of their day-to-day learning. The approach suggests that each of our employees set development targets and learning objectives for the coming year.

Training and development solutions

iA Financial Group builds on two of its core values, continuous improvement and a high-performance environment, to provide training and development solutions to employees. These solutions include theoretical and formal training, peer learning and on-the-job development to ensure that the learning experience is rich, personalized and effective.

  • Business training program – The business training program is divided into two components. On the one hand, each activity sector is responsible for providing “continuing education” for employee development based on business requirements. On the other hand, “general training” allows employees to better understand the business world or acquire the skills required for another role in the organization (to encourage internal mobility).
  • Online training catalogue – Hundreds of online courses are available to help employees meet their own needs for growth and development.
  • Language training ‒ iA Financial Group has been offering English courses for several years now. A variety of formats are available: conversation workshops, group classes, self-learning platform, etc.
  • Coaching Circles ‒ Coaching Circles are group sessions that bring together managers from different sectors. Coaching helps managers tap into their resources to maximize the impact of their leadership for the long term.
  • Mentoring ‒ Benefitting from the experience of a peer through a mentoring approach fosters the development of both the mentee and mentor and is a powerful way to promote corporate diversity and inclusion by encouraging people from different backgrounds, generations or sectors to expand their horizons.
  • Ad hoc development programs ‒ Leadership development programs based on the specific needs of employees are also offered. They include an innovative new path designed for everyday collective learning.
  • Self-service tools ‒ These include resources for development planning, improving self-knowledge and fostering resilience in turbulent times that employees can draw on to take action toward their development.

iA Financial Group focuses on development initiatives that can generate maximum value for the future. With that in mind, iA Financial Group is reinventing itself to become a learning organization. Senior management is determined to make learning an even greater part of everyday work life (e.g., through work methods, managers' leadership style and the annual performance appraisal cycle), with support from technology, in order to further unleash the potential of individuals, teams and the organization.