Our commitment to the community is a critical part of our sustainable development strategy, which has multiple components.

Communities at the heart of our philanthropic actions

Paying it forward is part of our corporate DNA. It’s simply part and parcel of our core values and our culture. That’s why we follow the lead of Imagine Canada and donate 1% of our net profits to more than 600 charitable organizations across the country each year. And beyond financial assistance, we strive to provide organizations with additional support to ensure their sustainability.


1% of net profit before tax donated to charities


More than 600 organizations supported


$9,400,000 donated in 2023

9,4 M

Donations to charitable organizations

As mentioned in our donation policy, our objective is to provide support to causes that focus on improving quality of life for Canadians. We target our donations to organizations working in the areas of health, education, social and community support, and the environment.

Health: A wellbeing vector

We favour causes that support patients and their loved ones, we support research projects and we give particular importance to mental health issues.

SickKids Foundation, Toronto, ON

"Providing paediatric health care can be much more expensive than adult health care. Unlike hospitals for adults, SickKids needs to buy equipment in different sizes because our patients range from tiny, premature newborns to young adults. Simply put, one size doesn’t fit all. Given the complex needs of our patients, it is imperative that SickKids has the most up-to-date equipment and technology. SickKids Foundation is grateful to iA Financial Group for the multi-year commitment to support our capital equipment needs. This generosity will help purchase lifesaving equipment such as ventilators, patient monitors, and diagnostic imaging devices."

Catherine Hindson-Cox,
Associate Director, Corporate Partnerships

Education: Base for intellectual, social and economic development

Our ambition is to help educate the generations and leaders of tomorrow.

Teach for Canada, Toronto, ON

"The support that iA Financial Group offered to Teach For Canada has brought us one step closer to realizing a simple belief—that a child's education should not depend on their postal code. This school year, we are partnered with 21 First Nations in Ontario and Manitoba, working to support 120 educators to make a difference in the lives of more than 2,400 students. iA's Philanthropic Contest offered an outstanding opportunity for Teach For Canada to continue working towards our mission while sharing our work with people across Turtle Island. We are exceedingly grateful to iA, and all who resonate with our work."

Meredith Stapon,
Communications Director

Social-community: Driving force to help the most vulnerable

Our values of caring are reflected in direct support to people in difficult situations to help them become social actors who can in turn pay it forward.

Crossroads for Women, Moncton, NB

"Crossroads for Women provides shelter, training, and support to assist women fleeing abusive relationships, helping them find a path to a new life for themselves and their children. The change in weather has made the situation life-threatening. A lack of beds means we have to turn many women and children away. The planned renovations for additional accommodations and a much-needed overhaul of our food pantry are costly. These new funds will undoubtedly turn Crossroads�� vision of an expanded safe space into a reality. This is vital since the pandemic increased cases of women seeking shelter at precisely the same time Crossroads fundraising activities, which traditionally rely on events involving social gatherings, have been non-existent or have had to go virtual. Now, vulnerable women at the lowest point in their lives have a real shot at a new life thanks to iA Financial Group. Thank you for making our dream a reality!"

Jennifer Woods,
HR Generalist

Environment: A crucial pillar for the health of the planet and the wellbeing of future generations

We have a role and a responsibility to be an influencer for those who follow us.

Tablée des chefs, Montreal, QC

"There are certain natural collaborations that can contribute to people’s wellbeing by fighting food insecurity, while also being good for the environment. iA Financial Group’s support of our food recovery program that combats waste while feeding thousands of people is a perfect example!"

Jean-François Archambault,
General Director and Founder of La Tablée des Chefs

Support for employee involvement in their communities

Our employees are our best ambassadors, and we encourage them to share our values of caring and support and to be active in their communities. That’s why we donate to the organizations they volunteer with. It’s a concrete way to encourage them to be catalysts and make a difference in their local communities.

Canada-wide philanthropic contest

Continuing with our desire to actively contribute to the needs of organizations that help others, as well as those of individuals and the community, we invite Canadian charities to participate in our annual philanthropic contest by submitting a project. A theme is chosen each year and the Canadian public is invited to vote for their favourites.

Annual "Day of Caring" – Beyond giving money

The first Friday of May each year is a call to action for all of our employees, wherever they may work. We invite them to get together and perform acts of kindness or solidarity towards others. It’s a simple way to pay it forward and make a difference in their communities.