Our clients are integral to our purpose, we want them to feel confident and secure about their future. To achieve this, we offer a customized client experience.

Fair treatment of clients policy

iA Financial Group holds itself to high standards regarding the fair treatment of clients and adheres to best practices in this regard, which is why in November 2019 we adopted a fair treatment of clients (FTC) policy. Working with the business lines concerned, we implemented indicators that make it possible to analyze the conduct of the FTC policy in our operations.

Our fair treatment of clients policy sets out the principles we adhere to in our business practices with respect to the fair treatment of clients. This policy is an essential component of our Client Experience program. It is structured around nine key principles that reflect the behaviours expected in order to ensure the fair treatment of clients, including sound governance and culture; representations, advertising and communications about our products and services; and protection of personal information.

Fair treatment of clients statement download

Our client experience vision

Peace of mind: Our clients feel confident and secure about their future

Proactive: We anticipate our clients’ needs

Empathic: We actively listen to understand each client’s unique situation

Reliable: Superior quality and commitment in everything we do

Seamless: We make things easy for our clients

Expert: Our industry knowledge allows us to advise our clients well