Group retirement savings

To optimize your long-term financial security

The benefits of being a group plan member

  • doneEmployer contributions

    If your employer contributes to your group plan, your savings grow faster without additional effort on your part. Also, whatever happens, these funds belong to you.

  • doneYour contributions deducted directly from your pay

    No chance of forgetting, and you'll save almost without realizing it!

  • doneAn immediate tax refund with each contribution

    This means you save more than it actually costs.

  • doneLower management fees

    Did you know? Investment management fees are generally lower in group plans than in individual plans. This difference—which may seem small at first glance—can have a significant positive effect on your savings, in the long term.

  • doneVoluntary contributions allowed at all times

    Depending on the parameters of your group plan, you can make additional payments (in addition to your regular contributions), for example by transferring money you have at other financial institutions—at any time.

You must first enrol:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the plan ID number provided by your employer and your personal information.
  3. Follow the on-screen procedure—7 to 8 minutes is usually all it takes!

Note: If your employer offers you more than one group retirement savings plan, the above procedure is the same for each plan in which you wish to enrol.

You create your account in My Client Space:

  1. Go to, and click on Create an account, on ten on Client.
  2. Click on Register, enter your personal information (first and last names, date of birth and postal code), and click onContinue.
  3. If you have an activation key or the contract number of your plan, enter that information in te appropriate field; if not, click on I don't have this information.
  4. Indicate whether you would like to receive your activation key by email or mail, using the postal code you previously provided, and click on Continue.
  5. When you receive your activation key, go back to and follow the on-screen procedure; this time, enter the activation key in the appropriate field.

In this case, there are two possibilities:

  1. If you must enrol in the new plan at iA (your employer will confirm this), follow the above instructions under I haven’t yet enrolled in the plan.
  2. If you do not have to enrol (your employer will confirm this), you must create your online account; then follow the above instructions under I have already enrolled in the plan, but I don’t have an online account.

Log in to your account in My Client Space or the iA Mobile app:

Your account in My Client Space is your dashboard; this is where you can perform multiple actions, such as:

  • Update your personal information (password, mailing address, etc.)
  • Change your payroll contributions (according to the parameters of your group plan)
  • Access all documents related to your group plan, as well as your statements or tax documents
  • View your savings balance and the return on your investments
  • View your transaction history or make voluntary contributions
  • Designate or change your beneficiaries
  • Use the retirement simulator to find out if you are on track to reach your goal or if you need to adjust your strategy

Most of these actions can also be performed in the iA Mobile app (you must first create your account in My Client Space), available from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Enrolling online

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the plan ID number provided by your employer and your personal information.
  3. Follow the on-screen procedure.

Note: If your employer offers you more than one group retirement savings plan, the above procedure is the same for each plan in which you wish to enrol.

Enrol online

Choosing my investment mode

When you enrol in your group plan, you may have to choose (depending on your plan parameters) between two investment instructions, i.e., between two ways of investing your savings.

Simplified mode

This is a ready-made solution that is fully managed for you by investment specialists.

Depending on your investor profile (defined at enrolment), a pre-established portfolio is proposed. Simply indicate your investment style (cautious, moderate, aggressive, etc.) and the age at which you plan to retire.

Benefits and features

  • Portfolios composed of funds managed by renowned managers
  • Optimal diversification to minimize the risk associated with stock market fluctuations
  • Automatic quarterly rebalancing to keep your investments in line with your investor profile
  • Gradual reduction of risk as retirement approaches

Advanced mode

This is an à la carte solution entirely managed by you.

Based on the recommended asset allocation for your investor profile (defined at enrolment), you make your own selection among all the investment options available in your plan.

Benefits and features

  • Offers a free choice among all funds and investment options selected by your employer, for maximum customization
  • Requires a higher level of knowledge of investment funds, stock markets and the economy in general

Financial planning tools to discover!

With its intuitive navigation, this area brings together information, tips and tools that use clear and simple language to help you gain new knowledge about the four pillars of personal finance:

  • Making your budget
  • Protecting your finances
  • Setting financial goals
  • Planning for retirement

In addition to the Financial Wellness Zone, you also have access to an assessment questionnaire that allows you to find out where you stand in relation to each of the four pillars. By answering it, you immediately get an action plan and resources customized to your situation. You can therefore progress at your own pace and according to your preferences.


If you contribute to your group retirement savings plan, you've already taken the first step in retirement planning. However, if you have not made a long-term financial projection, how can you be sure that your current contributions will get you the retirement income you are aiming for?

Available in the central part of the My Client Space dashboard, the retirement simulator helps you check if you are on track to achieve your goal. It also enables you to:

  • Test different scenarios by varying the key elements of the retirement income projection, such as retirement age, target income replacement percentage, annual contributions, etc.
  • Get personalized tips to reach your retirement goal
  • Review your projection and adjust your strategy periodically

Afterwards, you can always review the results of your most recent simulation in My Client Space or the iA Mobile app.


Available in the left menu of the My Client Space dashboard, under Planning tools, the Investor Profile questionnaire has been designed with a specific purpose: to guide you towards an investment solution adapted to your situation.

Indeed, your investor profile defines the type of investment that suits you based on factors such as:

  • Your retirement goal
  • The number of years until you retire
  • Your risk tolerance level
  • Your level of knowledge of investments

Are you a rather bold investor? You will tend to invest some of your savings in riskier investments in the hope of making better returns.

Approaching retirement? Less volatile and risky investments, such as bonds and guaranteed investments, may be a better option for you.

Depending on your answers, investment solutions adapted to your situation will be proposed. You will then be able to define your investment instructions in an informed way.

Remember: as your personal situation can evolve and change your savings and investment needs, it is important to review your profile periodically.


Amid the wealth of information available online and elsewhere on retirement planning, the My Retirement website is a must. It’s a trusted source of information and tips to prepare and live your retirement with peace of mind. Visit it and learn more about:

  • The basics of retirement
  • Key moments in preparing for your retirement
  • A host of important retirement topics (your money, your health, your plans, your family and friends)

You will also find a questionnaire to assess your retirement readiness.