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Just a few steps and that’s it

Based on your monitor and docking station, follow this diagram* to connect your equipment

  • 1USB cable (connects to the keyboard and mouse)
  • 2VGA cable (do not connect)
  • 3Display-Port cable (connects to the screen)
  • 4Power cable (connects to a power outlet)
  • 5Network cable (connects to your router)
  • 6HDMI cable (connects the screen to the station)
  • 7USB-C cable (miscellaneous uses)
  • 8USB-C cable (laptop power cable if no docking station is connected)

* If you’re a consultant, the equipment you have been provided may be different than what is indicated in this document and may not include all the accessories. It’s also important to note that it’s your firm’s responsibility to provide you with the IT equipment you need, except for the workstation and power cable, which are provided by iA Financial Group.


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It’s important to connect your computer to power (power cable or docking station) and to the internet to avoid losing power or internet connection during configuration.


Throughout the process, you will be asked several times to identify yourself via the Microsoft Authenticator app. Be sure to have your cellphone near at hand.

  • When you see this symbol appear during configuration, this means that you are required to identify yourself with your cellphone.

Please note

During this process, your workstation will restart on its own. Once the station is set up, your computer will prompt you to restart. Additionally, configuration steps may differ slightly from those described in this guide. If this is the case, please follow the steps as they appear on your screen. Messages will appear to guide you.

  1. Choose your language
  2. Choose your region (Canada or US)
  3. Choose your keyboard (Français Canada, English Canada or English US)
  4. Connect to the internet

    If you’re connected to Wi-Fi, select your wireless network.* Then enter the password, check the “Connect automatically” box and click “Next.”

    If you’re connected to the internet with a network cable (Recommended), you will be connected automatically.
  5. Identify yourself

    Once you’re connected, identify yourself using your business email address, then click “Connect.”

    Please note: If you see a window prompting you to select your account type (professional or personal), rather than entering your name, you must restart your workstation, begin configuration again and make sure that your workstation is connected to the internet in step 4.
  6. Enter your password

    Enter the password associated with your business email address (not the PIN) and click “Next.” When asked if you’d like your PC to be detectable by other devices connected to the network, click “Yes.”
  7. Configure multifactor authentication (MFA)

    Set up double-factor authentication by clicking “Next.”
  8. Configure your workstation

    No action is required of you in this step, configuration will continue automatically. This step may take a few minutes.
  9. Sign in for the first time

    Enter your business email address, followed by your network password (not your PIN) and press the Enter key.
  10. Configure Windows Hello

    Select one of the two methods (facial recognition or fingerprint sensor), click “Set up” and follow the instructions. This step may not appear during installation. If not, continue to the next step.
  11. Configure your work applications and iA settings

    At this stage, your computer is operational and includes the basic applications required by iA, such as Outlook, Teams and Office, as well as the applications associated with your employee profile.

    To download other applications or to personalize your settings, please follow the link you received in the “Your new workstation is ready” email. You will be directed to a more detailed document via Faciliti.


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Please see the “Configuring my cellphone” document, which you can find at the bottom of the page. This document contains the instructions needed to set up your cellphone.

Before beginning

We recommend you DO NOT restore the data you’ve saved on iCloud or directly transfer the data from your old device to your new one during the initial configuration.

This process can take between 15 and 30 minutes. Please allow for enough time to complete all the steps.

Please set up the Microsoft Authenticator app (see the box on the previous page for details) on your device before beginning.

Your device’s PIN must be at least 6 characters and cannot include sequences or repetitions (e.g., 1234, 222555, etc.).

To avoid potential problems signing in, please ensure that you’ve installed the latest iOS update on your device before beginning the process.

Configuring my mobile device


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