Why iA?

Our wide range of one-stop solutions and expert advice can help organizations improve the overall health of their plans and achieve their goals.

Our comprehensive range of actuarial and administrative services, as well as our multiple investment choices, enable organizations to optimize plan management. These services are backed by the expertise of our experienced team of pension and insurance actuaries and our competitive rates.

It’s also a clientele comprising:

  • Over 11,600 plan sponsors
  • Over 568,000 plan members
  • Over 69,000 retirees1
1 Information as at December 31, 2023

iA Financial Group is more than 80 years of experience and over 300 group retirement savings employees.

Extensive team of specialists

  • check_circle_outlineActuaries, actuarial and plan administration analysts, and investment strategists
  • check_circle_outlineTop-level service from in-house professionals who can provide compliance, legal and fiscal guidance
  • check_circle_outlineOversight and monitoring of funds and managers by our team of investment strategists
  • check_circle_outlineSupported by the iA Global Asset Managementopen_in_new division, comprising fund managers, CFAs and institutional segregated fund advisors

Multiple innovative investment options

Our robust platform offers various investment options, including one of the industry’s largest selections of direct alternative funds and funds specifically chosen for defined benefit plans, to construct diversified and optimized portfolios. Our diversified platform includes:

  • check_circle_outline30+ industry-leading fund managers
  • check_circle_outline100+ investment options
  • check_circle_outlineBroad selection of sustainable investment funds to complement traditional investment options

Online experience

My Client Space, our secure website, offers a highly user-friendly environment recognized and awarded in the industry. It provides timely and easy access to information such as:

  • check_circle_outlineDaily updates to the account market value
  • check_circle_outlineItemized and summarized deposits and transactions for easy reconciliation
  • check_circle_outlineSemi-annual evaluations and quarterly fund updates
  • check_circle_outlineContribution remittance

Cost and time savings from a one-stop shop

Choosing us for several aspects of the plan (actuarial services, investment management and administration, custodial services, etc.) can simplify its management and save organizations significant time and money.

Furthermore, we can simplify and expedite any fund changes, reducing associated costs. We make it easy for plan sponsors: no need to go through costly and lengthy contract negotiations with managers or deal with asset transfer coordination. Also, custom pricing can apply when combined with other Group Savings and Retirement services.