De-risking solutions

We build customized liability-driven portfolios and propose de-risking strategies for any specific needs.

With a constantly evolving economic environment, defined benefit (DB) plan sponsors are well advised to minimize risk to ensure the long-term viability of their plans.

We work with every advisor and client to tailor a liability-driven portfolio, and we develop a de-risking strategy aligned with their specific needs.

A customized one-stop solution

Our comprehensive and affordable offer includes the following services:

  • check_circle_outlineConsulting with de-risking experts to assess risk tolerance and determine the desired end state
  • check_circle_outlineAsset-liability stress tests factoring in client specifics across multiple scenarios
  • check_circle_outlineIn collaboration with the plan actuary, monitoring of assets, liabilities and market conditions to adjust the asset mix or purchase annuities when appropriate
  • check_circle_outlineWide range of investment options

Leader in insured annuities for over 75 years

Whatever the size of the group plan, our in-house team of experts can leverage our diverse investment platform to help organizations reach an optimal financial position for an annuity buy-in or buy-out.

Serving more than 65,000 annuitants, iA Financial Group is one of the largest providers of insured annuities in Canada.