Yvon Charest Bursaries

2 bursaries of $5,000 for children of iA Financial Group employees

We are proud to announce the Yvon Charest Bursaries, in honour of our outgoing president and CEO, who helped build the major, forward-looking company that iA Financial Group has become.

Congratulations to our two 2019 bursary recipients

Close to 700 employees evaluated the finalists! Thank you for your participation!

Recipient in the age 15 and under category

Florence, 7 years old, Vaudreuil

My "Spaceship"

I am the proud mother of an extraordinary little girl. She is 7 years old and she is a force of nature and a fighter. She never gives up, despite the many challenges she faces on a daily basis. My daughter has Joubert syndrome. This orphan disease has a variety of symptoms, including lack of muscle tone, problems with balance, and significant language impairment. We would like to be able to offer her the opportunity of to accessing hyperbaric chamber treatment at home. As she puts it so well, she’d like to have a spaceship at home! Hyperbaric chamber treatments have been delivering promising results for several years now, letting children like my daughter achieve impressive outcomes in terms of increased muscle tone, motor skills and, in many cases, language development. Thanks to Mr. Charest’s bursary, my daughter would have the chance to reach her stars.

Recipient in the age 16+ category

Sherene, 22, Vancouver

From Patient to Clinician

In 2013, I made a decision that morphed into a dream and achieving that dream has since become my passion. After being discharged from my third life-threatening hospitalization for a Anorexia, I decided to dedicate my life to helping others suffering from the burden of mental illness. I am now completing the final year of my BA Honours in Psychology at Simon Fraser University, the first step in accomplishing my goal of being a Clinical Psychologist, which requires a PhD. I have begun the literature review for my Honours Thesis on eating disorders and photo manipulation in undergraduates, and I will complete data collection/analysis by December 2019. There are no published studies on this topic in males, thus I will be addressing a large literature gap. This project will require financial support to compensate participants. Therefore, this bursary would be simultaneously contributing to my dream by funding my education and directly assisting with my project by compensating my participants.

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