Yvon Charest Bursaries

Two bursaries of $5,000 for children of iA Financial Group employees

We’re back with the 3rd edition of the Yvon Charest Bursaries, in honour of our former president and CEO, who helped build the major, forward-looking company that iA Financial Group has become.

Congratulations to our two 2021 bursary recipients

Close to 1,000 employees voted for the finalists! Thank you for participating!

Recipient in the age 15 and under category

Mathieu, 15 years old, QC

$5,000 Bursary

Road to the paralympics

At 6 years old, you have your whole life ahead of you and there are no obstacles to your dreams. But fate had other plans for Mathieu – a fractured leg revealed an osteosarcoma and his whole leg had to be amputated. After treatments, still full of energy, Mathieu started going to ParaHockey. He took to the sport right away and it became HIS sport. At 10 years old he was dominating the junior team, 2 years later, he joined the adult team, where he could be challenged more, but nothing is free, and we travel 450 km every week for his training. He has been invited to the Team Canada training camp next spring. The dream of the Paralympics is growing and so are the expenses. Despite the circumstances, the Quebec elites have been given an exemption to train on ice and to follow the team, Mathieu would very much like to have some adapted gym equipment at home to facilitate his training and live his dreams without obstacles.

Recipient in the age 16+ category

Éliane, 17 years old, BC

$5,000 Bursary

Starting off on the right note

Éliane has been blind since she was born and has overcome many trials and challenges since then.

With a lot of effort, patience and many adaptations, four years ago, when she was 12 years old, Éliane was able to enter the regular school environment and feel like everyone else.

Enrolled in a music program at her secondary school, Éliane plays piano and the trumpet. She would like training so that she can record music in the studio we recently built for her. Éliane has just been accepted to the Pre-Conservatory music program and would like to have the tools and the means to be able to make her musical montages. The project funds would therefore be for installation and training for the software needed to adapt her computer and microphone so that she can make her creations by herself and release them on her SoundCloud platform: https://soundcloud.com/eliane-doucet

Thank you!


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