Yvon Charest Bursaries

Two bursaries of $5,000 for children of iA Financial Group employees


We’re back with the 4th edition of the Yvon Charest Bursaries, in honour of our former president and CEO, who helped build the prominent, forward-looking company that iA Financial Group has become.


Congratulations to our two 2022 bursary recipients

More than 1,000 employees voted. Thank you for participating!

Recipient in the age 15 and under category

William, 6 years old, QC

$5,000 Bursary

A (physio) game room for Laulau

Last year, we found out that my sister was sick and that she had a little lump in her head. She had an operation and was in hospital the year I was in kindergarten.

Now, my sister has come home and what I love most is playing with her. Except, because of her operation, she can’t walk or talk with me anymore. She always has to go to a centre to do exercises with her instructors (I can’t go with her because of the virus). Mom tells me it’s because she has to learn to walk, talk and move like before.

I want us to be able to play together like she plays at the centre, but at home, without the mats, supports and swings at the centre, she doesn’t really want to walk because she’s afraid of falling and hurting herself.

My dream is for my sister to have her special toys from the centre at home so that we can have fun together and she can get better.

William (6 years old), brother of Laurence (4 years old), brain cancer

Recipient in the age 16+ category

Mashkura, 19 years old, ON

$5,000 Bursary

The E-Waste Project

The objective of The E-Waste Project is to collect e-waste from local communities, refurbish it, and donate it back to those in need of electronic gear in the community. Over three million Canadians don't have access to essential computer hardware, such as a keyboard or mouse, let alone a laptop/computer - which many of us may have lying around our homes.

Thus, with the uprise of inflation and the ongoing work-from-home environment, it is crucial to aid those in need of adequate electronic equipment. This project will support local communities, help students gain hands-on experience, and recycle e-waste that may have ended up in landfills. I will be working with my university's student-body group to implement this initiative.

We aim to help anyone lacking proper electronic equipment, especially students and local schools. The Yvon Charest Bursary will help to fund our project. It will help lay the foundation needed to create a sustainable model to execute events and projects to help others.


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